Review: “Bunnytown” by Heye, 1000 pieces

review_art bunnytown2

Company: Heye (Germany)       Release Date: 2013          Artist:  Francois Ruyer  

Verdict:  10/10

This was a very fun puzzle to put together.  Heye’s pieces are standard shaped and a bit smaller in size than some brands, so not for those with difficulty with eyesight or who like large-sized pieces.  But I love Heye and have no trouble with their piece size.  The quality of the pieces is good–sturdy and clean cut.  The colors are very vibrant, just like in the picture above.


Working this puzzle takes a lot of studying of a piece and trying to match it to the image.  There are lots of bunny characters in a few different colors.  Each has a unique expression or outfit or posture that you can match a piece to. There are also a few larger ‘areas’, like the buildings, that you can work without studying the provided image.

The puzzle comes with a large poster that is extremely helpful when putting together the puzzle.  And the image itself is of very high quality and a delight to study as you put the puzzle together.  The artist, Francois Ruyer, has only recently starting making puzzles with Heye.  He also makes puzzles for Piatnik.  He has a wonderful rich level of detail and polish in his images.  Nothing ‘loose’ or ‘sketchy’ here.  And the use of color and sense of design are really fun.



“Bunnytown” at Puzzle Warehouse (US, Canada)

“Bunnytown” at Amazon UK  (UK, Europe)

Both of the above ship worldwide.

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