Review: Mike Jupp’s “I Love Spring”, 1000 pieces



Company:  Gibson (UK)      Release Date: Sept 2011      Artist: Mike Jupp    Series:  “I Love” series

Verdict:  9/10 stars

I have all of Mike Jupp’s “I Love” puzzles.  I adore the humor and detail in these puzzles, and the clarity of Mike Jupp’s art.  It’s never muddy or slap-dash painterly the way some puzzle art is. No, everything in a Mike Jupp puzzle is perfectly drawn, colored, and finished.

“I Love Spring” is one of the best in the series.  It’s busy without being overcrowded as a few of his images are (my least favorites are “I Love the Weekend” and “I Love Car Boot Sales”).  I would even say Mike Jupp gets better and better with every puzzle. Every character and scene within this image has some space around it and gets its own moment to shine.

Putting the image together is easy and a real pleasure because everything has distinctive color/texture combinations and a relatively small area.  For example, the tower or the flowering tree. You start putting together one small area, and that leads to the next and next.  It’s like eating M&Ms!  Below are some of my favorite characters in this puzzle. How cute are these cows?  It’s fun to take in the details and humor as you put together the image.

gibson_Jupp_ILoveSpring (1)b

gibson_Jupp_ILoveSpring (1) CU

Quality & Piece Style:

As usual with Gibson, the puzzle comes in a high-quality box that matches the others in the “Mike Jupp I Love…” Series.  The puzzle pieces are thick and sturdy and the colors bright without being garish.  Excellent puzzle quality overall.  The piece shapes are fairly standard, as you can see from the close-ups, which is why I deducted one point from the total score (I prefer unusual shapes). But with a Mike Jupp puzzle, there’s so much going on it’s plenty of fun and challenge even with standard pieces.

And here’s the entire image:

gibson_Jupp_ILoveSpring (3)


So far there have been 3 “seasons” puzzles — “I Love Summer”, “I Love Winter” and “I Love Spring”.  I hope we get an “I Love Fall” in fall of 2014.  See our Mike Jupp page here.

Purchase Links:

On — I you don’t live in the UK, buy the puzzle from buy-4-less-uk for cheapest shipping prices.

If you’re in the US, you can find a massive selection of Spring Jigsaw Puzzles here

Jigsaw Junkie


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