New Gibson Puzzles Jul 2014

Gibson is releasing more new puzzles in July. Here’s a first look.  These are not yet on Amazon.



(click for close-up)

First is a Christmas puzzle called “Midnight Delivery” by artist Steve Crisp, 1000 pieces. This image is one that was released by Falcon a few years ago and has been modified. But this is such a wonderful puzzle image, and the colors on the Falcon were a bit dull.  I’m looking forward to seeing Gibson’s version.  Note that this is NOT Gibson’s limited edition Christmas puzzle for 2014.  We already blogged about their limited edition puzzle here.

GIB_DaytonsGarage_1000_Jul2014b      GIB_DaytonsGarage_1000_Jul2014

(click for close-up)

Next up is “Dayton’s Garage”, 1000 pieces, by Hiro Tanikawa.  This is a nostalgia puzzle with lots of small details.


GIB_Cambridge_1000_Jul2014b GIB_Cambridge_1000_Jul2014

(click for close-up)

“Cambridge” by Richard Harpum, 1000 pieces, is a bucolic university scene.

LittleTreassuresThe_1000_Jul2014     LittleTreassuresThe_1000_Jul2014b

(click for close-up)

“The Little Treasures” by artist John Francis, 1000 pieces, offers bright color and small detail.


GIB_PostmansRound2_2x500 GIB_PostmansRound2_2x500b GIB_PostmansRound2_2x500c

(click for close-up)

“Postman’s Round 2” by Trevor Mitchell, 2x 500 pieces.   The original “The Postman’s Round” was a 4×500 piece (4 puzzles with 500 pieces each in the same box) that was very popular.  You can see the original 4×500 here.  This is a sequel of sorts, with only 2 500 piece puzzles in this set.  Already ordered!

GIB_DowntonAbbey_1000 GIB_DowntonAbbey_1000b

(click for close-up)

“Downton Abbey”, 1000 pieces.  This is a photo collage puzzle, as you can see, based on the hit TV show “Downton Abbey”.

All in all, a nice new set of releases from Gibson!

You can find all your favorite puzzles at

Jigsaw Junkie



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