Just arrived: Otter House’s Limited Edition Christmas Puzzles 2014


Anyone who follows my blog knows that I love limited edition Christmas puzzles. I collect the ones issued annually by Ravensburger, Waddington, Gibson, Falcon, House of Puzzles, and Wasgij.  I’m very excited to say there is at least one, and maybe two, limited edition puzzle series just started this year by puzzle maker Otter House (a UK puzzle maker).  I happened to see a photo of the puzzles online and contacted the company to find out how to order it since it wasn’t on amazon or ebay.  I was told to email Animals Gift Club at sales@animalgiftclub.com and they could order it and ship it to me. And voila!  Just wanted to give you all a look at these new items.

The one above is called “Christmas Past & Present No 1” and the front of the box says “Limited Edition 2000 Exclusively printed”. So I assume we’ll see another Christmas puzzle next year. The artwork cred ti “Designed and published by Otter House Limited, copyright Beatrice Grieco”. So it appears Otter House commissioned this image especially for this line.

The Otter House boxes are made from nice, sturdy cardboard. Take a look at the insides below. Each puzzle comes with a larger poster of the image (with a blank back) and a warranty card.


The second new Otter House puzzle is called “Christmas Spot the Difference No 1” and is also marked as a limited edition on the cover. So do we have TWO new limited edition Christmas puzzle lines starting up from Otter House?  That would be lovely.  I very much like both images.  The one below is done by artist Simon Treadwell. I’m curious if the puzzle contains both the bottom and top version of the image or if that’s just to show the concept on the packaging. It would be an interesting challenge to have two of everything (or most everything).


I’ll be doing these puzzles soon and will review them when done.





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