Review: “Maple Sugaring” from Bits and Pieces



Publisher: Bits And Pieces, Released 2013

Title:  “Maple Sugaring” by artist Elissa Della Piana, 750 pieces (also comes in 300 pieces)


It’s fall here in Pennsylvania, so I’ve been in the mood for fall themed puzzles. It’s hard to imagine a puzzle could be any more “fall themed” than this one!

This puzzle exemplifies what I love about Bits and Pieces shaped puzzles. The shape is very sharp and clearly defined around a major design element (a maple leaf) instead of having a just vague sort of outline around the image like some puzzle companies do.  This puzzle is definitely leaf shaped!


The piece shapes are irregular and vary widely. There are some pieces that are quite small (in order to make the irregular border) such as the left tip of the snow in the image above. And some that are larger.  I really love the wide variation of unusual piece shapes in this puzzle.  It makes the puzzle a bit more challenging and a lot more interesting to assemble.


Even though the puzzle is only 750 pieces, it’s as difficult as a medium-difficulty 1000 piece puzzle (at least).  Unlike a regular square puzzle, the best approach with this puzzle is to work on the various vignettes inside the puzzle and then work on linking them together, and finishing the border.



All told, this is a beautiful shaped puzzle that’s keepsake worthy and a perfect treat for October.  Recommended!

You can find this puzzle here in 300 and 750 pieces.  This review was for the 750 piece version. You can find other Canada themed puzzles here.


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