New Christmas puzzles from Bits and Pieces!

A lot of puzzle companies have 1 or 2 major releases of puzzles during the year — usually January and, if there’s a second, in the June/July time frame. But Bits and Pieces dribbles out new releases all year, as well as bringing back into print some of their older titles that have been out of stock. For that reason, I hit their website at least once a week, hoping for something new and/or long coveted.

Today they had some brand new puzzles that really excited me (I’m easy that way), so I thought I’d post about them. I also want recommend two of their shaped Christmas puzzles from last year that I really enjoyed putting together.

A note on quality: I really like Bits and Pieces–they have a non-standard grid cut (similar to Springbok), thick pieces, and nice color. I’m also a particular fan of their shaped puzzles. You can read my review of “Zombie Mayhem” and “Maple Sugaring” or check out our brand comparison page for Bits and Pieces here.


I was hoping for a new Christmas-themed shaped puzzle this year, and here it is. The artist is Rosiland Solomon, whom I really like.  This puzzle has a lot of detail and color and the poinsettia shape is new.

Poinsetta Victorian Christmas


This puzzle is brand new and comes in 300 or 1000 pieces.  I like the unusual ‘blackboard and chalk’ effect in the art, and I’m always a sucker for images that have a bunch of different little vignettes.




I loved putting this puzzle together last year. Unfortunately, I only have a blurry picture of the result.  But it’s a joy to put together with all the little different colored houses, the red ribbon, and pine needles creating distinct areas to assemble.


SANTA’S WORKSHOP by Margaret Cobane

I got this puzzle last year and loved it. The puzzle is shaped like a house. Each room has unique wallpaper so it’s very fast to assemble. Fun color and detail.


 ~   BACK IN PRINT   ~

If you like Bits and Pieces shaped puzzles, grab these puppies while they are (perhaps temporarily) back in print. These were on my ‘to find’ list for a while and are now on the BnP website.

SANTA’S REINDEER by Liz Goodrick Dillon

Another fun Christmas shaped puzzle from BnP that was only to be found on ebay for awhile, and then rarely. Now back in stock on the BnP site in both 300 and 750.


KOI GARDEN by Parker Fulton

This was only available in 300 pieces for a long time and now the 750 piece version is back. (I always buy the 750, which I find as difficult as a rectangular puzzle in 1000 due to the shaped outline.)


These puzzles are putting me in the holiday mood. Thanks for them, Bits and Pieces!

You can find a massive selection of shaped jigsaw puzzles here.



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