2015 Puzzles: Heye First Look

I’ve been a big fan of Heye cartoon pages for years. Really, they were the first puzzles I collected and sought down on ebay with fervor.  Heye has since branched out into other types of puzzles–fantasy, wildlife, photographic scenic puzzles, and other assorted images.

It’s always a treat to see their new offerings each year. They posted a first look at their 2015 puzzles on their facebook page here.  They have a number of 2014 puzzles making a return, a few old puzzles reissued, and some brand new ones. Here’re my favorites.  Note that so far these are only available in thumbnail size so it’s hard to see the detail. I’ll post better images when they’re available.

NOTE: You can see their entire 2015 line up in this video.

My picks of the new puzzles:

“Polar Habitat” by Martin Degano, (1000 pieces), rectangular box

“Nile Habitat” by Martin Degano, (1000 pieces), rectangular box

Last year, Heye put out two Degano puzzles in rectangular boxes, “Black Forest Habitat” and “African Habitat”. The idea is that they are sections of a zoo and the puzzles can abut each other and make a longer panorama. This year they have added two more to this set — “Polar Habitat” and “Nile Habitat”. I’m guessing these will be 1000 pieces like the first two. Fun!





“Ballroom” by Hugo Prades, 1500 pieces, triangular box

Prades is one of Heye’s classic cartoon puzzle artists and it’s lovely to see a brand new image from him. “Ballroom” looks full of Prades’s usual humorous characters.



“Alpine Fun” by Birgit Tanck, 1000 pieces, triangular box

The brand new cartoon image below looks like fun. Birgit Tanck is a new artist to Heye as far as I know.



“Under Water” by Giuseppe Calligaro, 1000 pieces, triangular boxHeye_UnderWater


“Traffic Jam” by Christoph Schone, 1500 pieces, triangular box



“Cruise” by Anders Lyon, 1500 pieces, triangular box



“Cats In Venice” by Sven Hartmann, 1000 pieces, triangular box



“Carnivores” by M. Wieczorek, 500 pieces, rectangular box

“Savannah” by M. Wieczorek, 1000 pieces, rectangular box

M. Wieczorek did two 1000 piece puzzles for Heye last year, “High Mountain” and “Rainforest”. These two brand new images look like his same style. Nice!


Michael Ryba Reissues — “Bavaria” (triangular box) and “Paradise” (rectangular box), both 2000 pieces

Savannah (Flora & Fauna) Cats Jigsaw Puzzle


Tragically, the amazing cartoon artist Michael Ryba, who has done so many wonderful Heye puzzles (among other projects), was killed last year in an auto accident. Heye has resissued several of Ryba’s best puzzles, “Bavaria” and “Paradise”. Not sure what the piece count will be on these, but I’m happy to see them available in new editions.





Other older puzzle reissues:

Also newly reissued from their back catalogue of out-of-print puzzles are these three– “The Kiss” by Mordillo, “Hurry Up” by Mordillo, and “Surfing” by Blanchon.  There are a number of older puzzles that were back in print in the 2014 catalogue that are still available in 2015.

“The Kiss” by Mordillo, 2000 pieces (reissue), triangular box



“Surfing” by Blanchon, 1000 pieces (reissue), rectangular box



“Hurry Up” by Mordillo, 1000 pieces (reissue), rectangular box



What do you think of the 2015 Heye line-up?  I’m a bit disappointed not to see any new fantasy puzzle images like Victoria Frances and Cris Ortega, or any new Tinga Tinga, but I am looking forward to the new cartoon puzzles.

You can see their full list of 2015 puzzles here. 

You can find these at Puzzle Warehouse (US) and Amazon.


6 thoughts on “2015 Puzzles: Heye First Look

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  1. The two Marino Degano puzzles, Hurry Up by Mordillo, Surfing by Blachon (I have the original Surf Fever which is 2000 pieces and the ocean in particular is very hard in that one), Alpine Fun by Birgit Tanck, Cats In Venice by Sven Hartmann, Underwater by Giuseppe Calligaro are all 1000 pieces. Ballroom by Hugo Prades, Traffic Jam by Christoph Schone (not Steve Skelton), Cruise by Anders Lyon are all 1500 pieces. Both Michael Ryba puzzles and Kiss by Mordillo are 2000 pieces. As always, Hugo Prades puts out great illustrations for Heye puzzles and Ballroom is no different, and I have just bought it online (puzzle-offensive.de) and I can’t wait to put it together. I also plan on buying Traffic Jam and Cruise because those look like fun puzzles also.

    1. Hi, Elizabeth! Thanks for the information. I’ve updated the post. I wasn’t aware of puzzle-offensive before so I’m glad to see the link. Seems like there are several new Heye cartoon artists this year and not so much from the existing ones.

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