Review: “I’m the Gingerbread Man”, Bits and Pieces: 8/10


Publisher: Bits and Pieces (US), year unknown, 750 pieces

Title:  “I’m the Gingerbread Man”, ~2008, Artist: Wendy Edelson


I’ve been tracking down some of Bits and Pieces shaped Christmas themed puzzles and I found this one on ebay. Fortunately, it is complete!  Here’s a review.

Box Quality:

As mentioned in our brand comparison, Bits and Pieces boxes are only so so. The front design is not bad, but the bottom of the puzzle box is blank and fairly weak.  Below is a look at the sides of this box. Three sides show the puzzle image, the piece count, and company logo. The fourth side has some legal/copyright info and the puzzle name and artist. It would be nice to have the puzzle name and artist on all four sides. (I bought this puzzle used, hence the tape.) There is a copyright notice for the artwork for 2008/Wendy Edelson, so I’m guessing that’s the year the puzzle was manufactured also.


Box Contents:

The box only contains the bag of puzzle pieces.  Since this puzzle was used, I can’t be sure of its original condition, but most BnP puzzles have nothing else in the box.


The Image:

I love the image. It’s fun to have a gingerbread man shaped puzzle. And the homey kitchen scene with the kids, dogs, cats, and plenty of gingerbready goodness, is perfect for Christmas. The artist is Wendy Edelson, who is a children’s book illustrator (more images of hers here).  I find her style very appealing. She also did the cupcake puzzle below for Bits and Pieces, which I also love. It’s out of print and can only be found on ebay.


Puzzle Quality:

This is an older Bits and Pieces puzzle and a little different from their current ones. It has some quite small pieces, and the pieces are not as thick as their current puzzles. I’m a fan of their shaped puzzles, and it’s clear they’ve made some improvements to the brand since this puzzle was made. Still, the colors are good, and there was no degradation or damage to the puzzle despite being used. I love their piece cut, which is not a traditional grid cut at all but more free form.



I’d rate this puzzle as ‘medium to difficult’. It is a little more challenging working with the smaller pieces (some are the size of a dime). And the border I assembled last because the white piping on brown looks pretty similar over most of the border of the puzzle. There’s also lots of ‘gingerbread’ pieces, which you have to look at closely to see the small details that define each individual gingerbread man image in the puzzle. I like this kind of detail work, so I found the assembly fun. The various colors and patterns of the kid’s clothes made them easy to assemble first.


BnP_GingerbreadMan_CU5_SM BnP_GingerbreadMan_CU6_SM


If you like shaped puzzles, and don’t mind working with smaller pieces, I can recommend this puzzle. I’m pleased to add it to my Bits and Pieces shaped puzzle collection. I hope we get more Wendy Edelson puzzles in the future!

Where to find:

Ebay is your best bet.

If you’re looking for more shaped jigsaw puzzles, you can find them here.


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