Jigsaw Junkie gets a make-over!

What do you think of the new look?  I was getting so much content that it felt like you had to scroll forever to see reviews. I picked the new template based on having a lot of thumbnails on the main blog screen. I haven’t removed any content, but I have moved stuff around. If you have trouble finding anything, or have any suggestions, please let me know!


6 responses to Jigsaw Junkie gets a make-over!

  1. Hi just found your site searching for jigsaw. I like the way you designed it very much and thought this would be the best article to post this.

    I remember the good old times when I played a small boy jigsaws – long time ago, and unfortunately for most of the kids of today this is not a serious hobby anymore… sad but true.

    Keep on the work on your cool blog. Kind regards from Germany!

    • Hi, Alexander. Thanks for commenting. I’m glad you like the site. Yes, I think jigsaws are probably not as popular with kids these days with all the electronic stuff out there. Yet, it is a great ‘sit around the table’ activities for families. See you around!

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