2015 Puzzles: Sunsout First Look

Sunsout has new 2015 puzzles up on their website. You can see them all here.  I’ve picked out a few I like.

“New England Road Trip”, 1000 pieces, artist Mary Thompson

I like the combination of the map texture and the various vignettes in this image. Looks fun to assemble.


A Village Summer“, 1000 pieces, artist Steve Crisp

A Village Wedding“, 1000 pieces, artist Steve Crisp

Two new lovely British puzzles from Steve Crisp.

A Village in Summer

A Village Wedding

Forest Collage“, 1000 pieces, artist Jim Hansel

Another vignette type puzzle with various rustic outdoor scenes. I love the colors.


The Monitor and the Merrimac“, 1000 pieces, artist Al Lorenz

Al Lorenz did the “Buried Blueprint” series. This is the first puzzle of his I’ve seen outside that series and it looks like a winner, with lots of detail and a bit more color than his norm.

The Monitor and the Merrimack

Florida Wildlife“, 845 pieces, artist Mary Thompson

I like Mary Thompson’s softer, illustrated style and state-shaped puzzles. This is a nice design.


Majestic Kingdom“, 500 pieces, artist Finchley Paper Arts

An interesting vintage collage puzzle. I wish it were in a larger size.

Sunsout_Finchley Paper Arts_majestickingdoms_500

Society Masks“, 1000 pieces, artist Marcella Muhammad

Sound of Soul Strings“, 500 pieces, artist Marcella Muhammad

These are two new ethnic designs which are quite lovely. There’s a 1000 piece puzzle and a 500 piece by the same artist.

SUnsout_Marcella Muhammad_societymasks_1000 Sunsout_Marcella Muhammad_soundofsoulstrings_500b

Swimming Around“, 500 pieces, artist Lori Schory

I love the colors and patterns in this image, but I really wish it was a 1000 piece round puzzle instead of 500!


Swinging into Summer“, 500 pieces, artist Amy Rosenberg

Another brand new Amy Rosenberg design. I like it, but again, wish it was larger and/or had a companion design you could mix it up with.


Barnyard Chickens“, 1000 pieces, artist Lori Schory

I like all the chickens. 🙂

image description

The Balloon Vendor“, 1000 pieces, artist Mary Thompson

The colors are a bit over-the-top on this one, perhaps, but it’s a 1000 piece shaped puzzle and I like the little side balloons that aren’t attached to the main image. Looks fun and quick to assemble.


Bringing in the Hay“, 500 pieces, artist Bob Pettes

“Women’s Day Out”, 500 pieces, artist Bob Pettes

A couple of nice smaller Americana puzzles from Bob Pettes, that would work well to work or display together.



What do you think of Sunsout’s 2015 line-up so far? I am missing more shaped puzzles and some fantasy myself.


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