2015 Puzzles: Bits And Pieces Winter Puzzles

Bits and Pieces has put up 60 new puzzles for winter. You can see them all here.  Below are some I wanted to share on the blog.

“Dream of the White Lion” by Liz Goodrick Dillon, 300 or 750 pieces

A brand new shaped puzzle! Yay! And it’s lovely too. Definitely my favorite of the new puzzles.



“Ice Cream Parlor” by Helz Cuppleditch, 500 or 1000 pieces

Bits and Pieces released a Christmas “blackboard” style puzzle last month from Helz Cuppleditch and now we have an ice cream one. I love the blackboard/chalk style.



6 new designs by Bonnie White, 500 or 300 pieces

You can get these individually or in a set, in 300 or 500 pieces each.  The titles are “Fresh Baked Pies”, “Counting Sheep”, “Rolling Acres Depot”, “Let It Snow”, “Safe Harbor”, and “Dashing Through the Snow”.



“Young Calf and Friends” by Jack Williams, 300 or 750 pieces

This one came out in December, but close enough! Another shaped puzzle from Jack Williams. Very farmy!



“Cats Love Bubbles” and “Kittens in the Kitchen” by Rosiland Solomon, 300 or 500 pieces

You can buy these separately or in a set.


3 new round puzzles, each in 500 or 300 pieces

“South American Butterflies” by Rosiland Solomon, “3 Alarm Fire” by Linda Picken, “Winter Majesty” by Nicky Boehme

Rounds puzzles are always a nice change. I wish they had a 1000 piece version of the butterflies one.

BnP_SouthAmericanBUtterflies_RosliandSolomon_300_500 Bnp_3AlarmFire_LindaPicken_300_500 BnP_WinterMajesty_Nicky Boehme _300_500

“Winter Holidays Begin in Judeville” by Judy Redder, 1500 or 500 pieces

It’s nice to see a 1500 piece puzzle offereed. Judy Redder is a new artist to me, but the image is interesting. Plenty of color and a primitive cartoon/Americana style.


Bnp_WinterHolidaysBeginInJudeville_Judy Redder_1500_500

“Holly Birds” by Jane Maday, 1000 or 500 pieces



“Welcome to the Neighborhood” by Joseph Burgess, 1000 or 300 pieces

BnP_WelcomeToTheNeighborshood_Joseph Burgess_1000_300


“The Puppy Card” by Linda Picken, 1500 or 500 pieces



“Winter’s Eve”  and “Snow Days” by Bob Fair, 1000 or 500 pieces


“Arctic Animals” by Parker Fulton, 500 or 300 pieces


What do you think of the new puzzles?  Anything appeal to you?  I am always up for new shaped puzzles and wish there were one or two more. Perhaps in the spring!



8 thoughts on “2015 Puzzles: Bits And Pieces Winter Puzzles

Add yours

  1. Interesting – thanks Jane. I love the Bob Fair puzzles, especially the first one. I also really like the Bonnie White snow scenes. I enjoy seeing some American nostalgic scenes, much as I like the British nostalgia puzzles Gibsons and others do so well. I have a question for you if that’s OK. Do you ever work a puzzle more than once, for example a few years later? If so, do you find it as much fun the second time round? I ask because I am building up quite a collection and am trying to decide whether to keep the jigsaws I complete or give some of them away. Thanks.

  2. Hi, Jen,

    I do have some Americana also. I particularly like Charles Wysocki.

    I don’t often work a puzzle more than once because I always have a lot of ones I want to do that I haven’t before. But I figure I may well want to do them further down the road, especially the special ones like Heye. I can’t even remember doing some of the Wasgijs I’ve done that I have a photo of in some old file folder! lol So I will redo those at some point.

    I learned my lesson when we moved once and I wasn’t as into puzzles at that moment. I gave away nearly all my collection and later got the bug again and ended up tracking down many of them on ebay and buying them again. So I hang on to mine now unless I’m really just not that fond of it, it was a gift that wasn’t really my style, etc. But that totally depends on your space and your interests.


    1. Thanks Jane. That’s interesting to hear. My instinct is to hang on to them so I’ve decided that my next step is to find a good storage solution! Thanks for replying. Jen

    2. I’ve been meaning to do a page on how I store my collection, in case it’s of interest to anyone. I’ll try to get that done soon. Mine are in an attic room that used to be a guest room but has been turned over to puzzle storage.

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  4. is it possible to get the puzzle called The Puppy Collection ll. My mother happened to water her plants that was on the same table as the puzzle and the water ruined some of the pieces but would like another one. If it is possible to get this one how much is it. Thank you for any help you can give me.

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