Rare Heye puzzles on ebay right now

Just thought I’d let my readers know. I track Heye puzzles on ebay daily because there are still 2 rare ones I’m looking for. A bunch of rare Heye puzzles just went up, including “Ave Ceasar” (Loup), “Hotel World” (Prades), and “1001 Nights” (Prades).  If you are looking for older Heye puzzles, you might want to check it out. Here’s a link.


21 responses to Rare Heye puzzles on ebay right now

    • Hi, Mike. Hmm. Well let’s see. I would pick up any of the following if I saw them at a reasonable price:

      Degano “Way to Heaven: That’s Life II” (2000 pieces)
      Degano “Go America” (4000 pieces)
      Delon: “Fairies” (1000 pieces)
      Ortega: “Scratched”, “Lava”, “Reading”
      Alchemy: “Sciences”, “Dualism”
      Loup: “SDI”, “Fujiyama”, “Pigaelle”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Notre Dame”, “No Danger”
      Ryba: “Amazonas” (4000 pieces), “Big Attack”, “Free Climbing”, “Surfing in Heaven”, “New York” (8000 — I had this, and even did it, but I lost it in a move)


      • Mike W says:

        I’ll sell you Amazonas, once I’ve completed it 😉 the rest, are still on my ‘to get’ list too. Those 4000 piece puzzles are great, but at the same time, finding the time and space is hard work.

        (currently working on a 3000 Heye – Amazing World)

        There’s a 8000 piece Berlin on ebay for $1200 right now… very (un)reasonable.

      • Rob says:

        Hi! Love the site. I have Loup – No Danger. There’s a tonne of puzzles I’d like to get my hands on, so if you want to do a trade maybe we can set something up.

        Take care!

      • Ad says:

        I have an extra go america puzzle to trade with someone. I am looking for a 4000 piece heye puzzle in return. Go west, wild west, astro world or opera. My email is mrkirschner@yahoo.com

    • David Crossley says:

      Hi,I have a 2000 piece ‘Sailing down under’ which I’ve only ever seen up for sale as a 1000 piece. Is this a rare puzzle that might have some value?

  1. Wow, that would be amazing! Amazonas looks super hard (so much green). I saw that Berlin on ebay. I have been watching to see if anyone grabs it. It is VERY expensive. I have Berlin, fortunately. Have never opened it, but seeing that auction makes me want to get to it. 🙂

    • Mike W says:

      ebay.co.uk can be really good for cheap Heye puzzles, I get them sent to my parents there, and they either bring them over to the USA or mail them to me. Amazonas cost me $50 from a USA ebayer, my most expensive was the 4000 piece Bavarian Castle al0ong with the 6000 piece Heye World Map.

      • That’s a great price for Amazonas. I used to buy a lot off ebay.de also, but many of the listings are set to ship only to Germany, so it involves translating, messaging the seller, etc. Usually, they are willing to ship internationally if you ask nicely. But lately I only need a few, so I haven’t been seeking beyond ebay US ‘worldwide’ setting.

        You’re lucky to have parents in the UK. lol. Once I resorted to setting up a mail forwarding service to get some WHSmiths (they will not ship overseas), but it was too expensive. Most of my UK puzzles I’ve gotten via amazon UK or ebay/ UK sellers who ship worldwide.

  2. adam says:

    Anyone know if the 4000 piece Heye puzzle Pro & Contra is a rare one?

  3. Ronnie says:

    I have 2000 piece Casanova for sale if anyone interested. It is still factory sealed.

  4. Peter T says:

    Hi, I have a sealed Go America Heye jjigsaw, would somebody be able to give me some idea of its value? Thank you!

  5. Mark Robson says:


  6. Ken says:

    Hi. I’m in England and came across this site. I have a few Heye 2000 piece puzzles, I believe I have what you are looking for. Marino Degano That’s Life part 2, I am putting them up for sale soon if that interests you

  7. Ad says:

    I have a 4000 piece heye go america puzzle. If you would like to trade i am looking for another 4000 piece puzzle: go west, wild west, astro world or opera. If interested my email is mrkirschner@yahoo.com

  8. rcpweb says:

    Hi guys,

    I’m looking for Berlin by Ryba and have “2000” by Marino Degano for a trade. I’m also interested to buy and have others I can offer to trade.

    Thank you, Tom

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