2015 Puzzles: Eurographics First Look

The Eurographics website hasn’t been updated, but a US puzzle store just put up new Eurographics 2015 puzzles today. You can see all of them here.  I’ll pulled out a few I thought were highlights.

“Hometown Heroes: Local Law” by artist Dona Gelsinger, 1000 pieces

“Hometown Heroes:Fire and Rescue” by artist Dona Gelsinger, 1000 pieces

“US Army: Men of Honor” by artist Dona Gelsinger, 1000 pieces

“US Army: Army Strong” by artist Dona Gelsinger, 1000 pieces

Eurographics is not just doubling down, but quadrulping down on Dona Gelsinger this season. I really like these four new images, even though they’re fairly masculine compared to my normal picks. I like the details in them and the painterly style. My favorite is “Local Law” and I’m looking forward to getting it. I bet these prove very popular.





“World of Dogs” & “World of Cats”, 2000 pieces each

These are big puzzles with tons of tiny photos. They’ll appeal to puzzlers who like a challenge.



5 from Sam Timm, 1000 pieces each:  “Crossing Pheasants”, “Harvest Time”, “Snow Creations”, “A Cozy Christmas” and “Evening Light”

These five Sam Timm puzzles have lovely colors and a sweet Americana style.






“The Health Clinic” by Bob Byerley


Multiple new Canadian Pacific Railways poster puzzles (see the link for the full set)



See anything you like?


5 thoughts on “2015 Puzzles: Eurographics First Look

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  1. crazy fun site with lots of great information! do you have a main page of eurographics? i didnt see it in the puzzle brand comparison…

    1. Hi, eagle! Yeah, but thanks for the nudge. I do need to get to Eurographics soon. I’ll do it after I finish my current puzzle! I have done them before and I’d guess they’ll fall somewhere in the middle. Certainly acceptable quality. Grid cut.

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