2015 Puzzles: New Heye Have Arrived!

I placed an order for some of the new Heye puzzles with this German website back on Dec 14. My box from Germany just arrived Monday Jan 19th! But I’m sure the Christmas holidays had something to do with that!  I wanted to share some pictures of the Heye boxes. You can click on any of these for a larger image. I made them fairly large so you can see the detail.



“Underwater” , Calligaro, 1000 pieces 

heye2015_underwater heye2015_underwaterb


“Alpine Fun” , Tanck, 1000 pieces 


heye2015_alpinefunb heye2015_alpinefun


“Cruise” , Anders Lyon, 1500 pieces 

heye2015_cruiseb heye2015_cruise

“The Ballroom” , Hugo Prades, 1500 pieces 



heye2015_ballroom heye2015_ballroomb

“Polar habitat” and “Nile Habitat”, Degano, 1000 pieces each

heye2015_ZOo heye2015_zoonile heye2015_zoopolar

“Paradise” , Ryba, 2000 pieces 


Hopefully I’ll be reviewing some of these soon!



2 thoughts on “2015 Puzzles: New Heye Have Arrived!

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  1. Enjoy! I have ordered a few of the same puzzles. My favourite is “Cruise”. I love all the detail. I ordered from the same German website and mine have been delayed too. They have been great at keeping me updated though and my parcel has now been shipped. I will be very excited to receive them!

    1. Hi, Jen. I’m currently doing “Ballroom” by Prades, but they all look good. I love the cut-away design of “Cruise” too. I’m also eager to do the new 2000 piece “Paradise”. I have an older, used copy of that but it’s nice to get a fresh new one. I love Ryba.

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