New Cartoon Puzzles from Studio Zoetermeer, Netherlands

I received an email recently from Studio Zoetermeer in the Netherlands. They have a new line of cartoon puzzles they just started last year. They look similar to JVH puzzles, but yet have their own flavor too. I love the look of them and I am looking forward to receiving them and doing a review and brand comparison for this site. Check them out:


Above: The Studio Zoetermeer puzzles publish under the brand “Toys From Giraffe”.

“Zoetermeer”, 1000 pieces

zoetermeter zoetermeter-3

“Hocus Pocus”, 1000 pieces

This is my favorite of the bunch. I love Halloween/horror themed puzzles like Loup’s “Castle of Horrors” or Prades “Walpurgis Nacht”. There aren’t many of them. This will definitely be a nice addition to my collection.



“Aquarium”, 1000 pieces

Nice colors!

Aquarium Aquarium-3

“Upstairs”, 1000 pieces

Looks like an interesting one to assemble.



I’m always interested in new cartoon puzzles and these are particularly nice!  I look forward to more from this studio. Hopefully the puzzle quality is good!


The website is here (Toys From Giraffe). You can buy there, however, they don’t ship internationally.

Studio Zoetermeer says they are currently looking for distributors in the US (and probably elsewhere).  But in the meantime, if you want to get these puzzles, now, you can use paypal and order directly from the contact below. Here’s the info:

John Erkelens (

He can take your order and let you know how much and where to paypal. Nice of him, hey?

The price on these is 16.95 Euro for each plus shipping.


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