New Spring puzzles from Bits and Pieces and Gibsons

There are a few new puzzles filtering out for Spring.

Gibsons has put this one on their ‘new product’ page — a new Steve Crisp. I love it!



Bits and Pieces has releases their Spring puzzles.  You can see them here (and their new puzzles are currently on sale).  Here are my favorite.

Rose Cottage (shaped puzzle) by Rosiland Solomon

I’m always happy to see a new shaped puzzle and this one is very nice! It comes in 750 or 300 pieces.


“Sing to Me” by Alan Giana, 1000 pieces


“Babysitting” and “Bunny Bouquet” by Jane Maday, each 1000 pieces

BnP_Babysittin_JaneMaday_1000 BnP_BunnyBOuquet_JaneMaday_1000

Set of 6 (1000 pieces or 300 pieces each) by Elisa Della-Piana

There’s a new Americana set by Elisa Della-Piana. My favorite is “Green Farmer’s Market”



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