4 New Wasgij

I’m starting to see some new puzzles coming out. Watch for our feature on the new House Of Puzzles line-up coming JULY 19 including 12 new 1000 pieces puzzles, 8 new BIG 500, and the 2015 Christmas puzzles.

Other Christmas puzzles typically announce in July too. I’ll post them as I see them.

Here are the new Wasgij!

Wasgij Original #23: Bake Off!  1000 pieces (There’s a 250 piece extension sold separately)


Wasgij Christmas #11:  Shows a holiday office party


Wasgij “Back to” #1 (this is a new series, a reverse of ‘destiny’. So you see the scene as it would be in the past.


Collector’s set #3 of Wasgij Original box images


A few of these are up on amazon.co.uk now and all should be soon.


6 thoughts on “4 New Wasgij

Add yours

  1. ahh. Thank You.

    Never used them.. any good ?

    Hey JJ – we need a “best places to buy” guide 😉

    1. ok – thanks. i’ll take a look. will it drag me away from Heye and Gibsons / Ravensburger… ?

  2. They’re all good, lol. But HOP is a nice change up because it has some very unusually shaped pieces. And I like the rural artwork style (Ray Cresswell especially).

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