New & Rerleased Shaped puzzles from Bits & Pieces

I just got an email about the new Fall puzzles from Bits & Pieces. Unfortunately, there’s isn’t a ‘brand new’ fall-themed shaped puzzle, but there is a cute ‘camping’ one that was released about a month ago. “Camping Trip” comes in 750 or 300 pieces and is by artist Thomas Wood. It’s on sale now for $12.99.


I also found this new shaped puzzle on their site — “Puppy Preschool” by Jack Williams comes in 300 or 750 pieces.

puppy preschool


This “Lakeside Arbor” shaped puzzle by Alan Giana was released this past summer and comes in 750 or 300 pieces.


Also, a few shaped puzzles have been rereleased that have been unavailable for some time. Someone wrote to be asking about the duckling puzzles. It’s been rereleased! Here it is. “Ducklings” by Jack Williams in 300 or 750 pieces.


And also “Mother Swan” was only available in 300 for the longest time. It’s recently reappeared on their website in 750, so if, like me, you’ve been looking for it, now’s the time to grab it! “Mother Swan” by  Rosiland Solomon.


And my favorite Fall shaped puzzle is still “Maple Sugaring” by Elissa Della Piana in 750 pieces.  See my review here.



You can find all these puzzles here.



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