Sunsout: New Puzzles 2016!

The Sunsout website has their new 2016 puzzles up.  You can see them all here.

I’ve put my favorites below.  Overall, I’m disappointed not to see more shaped puzzles. Hopefully they will release some over the year.

“Birds of a Feather” and “Chat Noire” from Finchley Arts, both 1000 pieces.



“The Village in Autumn” by Steve Crisp, 1000 pieces

A country scene in Autumn.

“Butterfly Menagerie” by Aimee Stewart, 1000 pieces

One of the only nice new shaped puzzles they have.


“Abundant Garden” by Aimee Stewart, 1000 pieces



“Canadian Horizons” and “The Heartland” by Mary Thompson, both 1000 pieces

There was a 3rd called “The Great Lakes” but the image on the website is incorrect.

Sunsout_CanadianHorizons_MaryThompson_1000 Sunsout_TheHeartland_MaryTHompson_1000

“World of Cats” by Bill Bell, 1000 pieces

I have a number of Bill Bell puzzles and this looks like a good addition! Lots of color and detail.

Picture 596

“Bugle Boy” shaped puzzle, 1000 pieces


“Leap to Freedom”, 1000 pieces


“Tigers At Pool”, 1000 pieces

white tiger mother with baby tiger cubs over a pond with waterfalls and other jungle animals

“Summer House” by Steve Crisp, 1000 pieces

This image is an altered version of Gibson’s new “Behind Closed Doors” and is the shape of a house.

cutaway elizabethan house in the summer with various characters in the rooms

“Bubble Trouble” by Lori Shory, 1000 pieces

This one looks a little too tedious to me, but great for those who want a challenge!


“Season of Plenty” and “Honey’s Emporium” by Joseph Burgess, 1000 pieces each

Some colorful Americana, if that’s your thing.

Sunsout_ASeasonOfPlenty_JosephBurgess_1000 Sunsout_HoneysEmporium_JosephBurgess_1000

“City Streets”, “Playing Checkers” and “Paddle Wheel Poker” by Susan Brabeau, 1000 pieces each

More humorous Americana from Susan Brabeau. I like the semi-panorama shape of “City Streets”.

Sunsout_CityStreets_SusanBrabeau_1000 Sunsout_PlayingCheckers_1000

ALAHUN6981 002

“At the Harbor” by Graham Twyford, 2000 pieces

A lovely round puzzle


“Behind the Wall” by Bob Eggleton, 500 pieces

This is a cool fantasy puzzle, albeit a little small at 500 pieces


“Peace” by Sam Timm, 1000 pieces

Looks like a challenge with all that blue but probably stunning when done.

TIM89389_Raw, 3/5/14, 12:57 PM, 16C, 5024x8000 (496+0), 100%, Custom, 1/8 s, R71.1, G57.2, B74.2

“Odds And Ends” by Amy Rosenberg, 1000 pieces


“Grandpa’s Barn” by Ann Stookey, 500 pieces


“Fantastic Voyage” by Aimee Stewart, 1500 pieces

This was a Ravensburger release, but the Sunsout version is 1500 pieces and very large at 24″x33″. Probably cheaper too for us Americans.


That’s it. See any ‘must haves’?



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  1. Recently I have been very into Bill Bell puzzles. However, I found it was hard to track his out of print puzzles. I found some on ebay, but most times they are used not new, but I want to get new ones for my collection if possible. Do you have any recommendations for searching Bill Bell’s out of print puzzles? Thank you in advance.

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