Anatolian: New Puzzles for 2016

The Anatolian line of puzzles from Perre has released their new 2016 iamges. You can see our brand comparison for Anatolian here. They are a Turkish puzzle company with decent quality and very reasonable prices, even here in the US. They have good distribution too.

I’ve only pulled the images I like the best, but you can see their entire 2016 puzzle catalog here. They have a lot of photographic puzzles and fine art puzzles too.  The catalog doesn’t list the artists, so I haven’t included that information.

“Westminster Sunset”, 1000 pieces

1023 Londrada Günbatìmì  1000 T

“Paris Street Life”, 1500 pieces

4542 Paris Sokaklarì  1500 T

“Marine to Life”, 1000 pieces

1025 Denize Ait   1000 T

“Sunset Cabin”, 1000 pieces


1024 Daºevinde Günbatìmì   1000 T

“Tranquility”, a 1500 panorama, which is unusual

3790 Sakinlik  1500 panaromik T

“Oldlook Cabin”, 2000 pieces

3933 Eski Ev  2000 T

“Share the Outdoors”, 1500 pieces

4540 Kamp Arkadaƒlarì  1500 T heja

“Flower Bouquet”, 1024 pieces

1016 Çiçek Buketi  1000 kare  T

“A Moment On Memory Lane”, 2000 pieces

3930 Anìlar Sokaºì 2000 T heja

“The Sights and Sounds of New Orleans”, 2000 pieces

3932 New Orleans Ruhu   2000 T heja

“Jungle Paradise”, 3000 pieces

4908 Ormanìn Derinliºi  3000  T

Where to get:

Anatolian is carried by Serious Puzzles, Jigsaw Jungle, and Amazon UK among others. It may take a while for the new puzzles to show up.


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