Eurographics: New Puzzles for 2016

Eurographics is a Canadian puzzle manufacturer who has traditionally made collage-style puzzles but has branched out to a variety of themes.  Their website is updated with lots of lovely new puzzles for 2016. I show my favorites below, but you can see them all here.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 1000

I love all the spots of red on this one. Looks fun to assemble.


Seed Catalogue Collection — Vegetables, Roses, Fruits, and Flowers, 1000 pieces each

EuroGr_Smithsonian_SeedCatalogueCollection_Veggies EuroGr_Smithsonian_SeedCatalogueCollection_Roses EuroGr_Smithsonian_SeedCatalogueCollection_Fruits EuroGr_Smithsonian_SeedCatalogueCollection_Flowers

Car Advertising Collages

If you’re into cars, you will love these!  There are more models on their website here.

EuroGr_CadillacAdvertisingColelction EuroGr_JeepAdvertisingColelction

Globetrotter travel collages

They have quite a few of these too, featuring different parts of the world.  You can see them all here.

EuroGr_Globetrotter_castles EuroGr_Globetrotter_australia EuroGr_Globetrotter_USA

Christmas Ornaments, 1000 pieces

Love this one. It looks more painterly.


Vintage Christmas Cards, 1000 pieces


Vintage Posters/Art Collages

These come in various themes too. You can see them all here.

EuroGr_VintageAdsLighthouses EuroGr_VintageBicyclePosters

The City Collection: Barcelona

You can see more of the City Collection here. Most of these are photographic, but I like the Barcelona one, which has a more painterly feel.


“Christmas Cottage” by Dominic Davidson

They have a number of Dominic Davison puzzles, which you can see here.





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