Oh HEYE yes

It’s such a winter treat to get the first batch of new Heye puzzles for the year. If you want them hot off the press, your best bet is to order them from a German distributor such as puzzle-offensive.de.  They show up on US and UK channels after several weeks (or months).

Below is my initial order, my uber top picks.  I realized after I got them that only 3 are in the triangular box (Prades “Carnival in Rio”, the Sherlock one, and Calligaro “Mystic Circle”). Looks like I will have to order more!   I’m working the Sherlock puzzle right now and I’ll review it when its done.  By the way, Heye is 10% off on puzzle-offensive.de currently.

heye_jan2016 heye_jan2016-2


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  1. Hi! I am a fellow jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, and I personally love Trefl, Schmidt, and Ravensburger puzzles. I just ordered my first HEYE puzzle, however it is a bit hard to find in Canada. Any recommendations?

  2. Hi Jane. Do you mind explaining how you order from puzzle-offensive.de since the website is in German? Also, are the shipping costs outrageous to the U.S.?

    1. Hi, Shannon! Not at all. You can install a free Google Translate add-on for Chrome (the browser) that adds a translate button to the top of your browser window.

      So I use that to translate the sales cart and shipping info and other things I need to translate as I’m shopping on puzzle-offensive.de

      The shipping charge isn’t insignificant, but it’s not terrible either. The last big Heye/Schmidt order I made, the shipping was 26 Euro and it was maybe 10 puzzles including some large/heavy triangular boxes. Some sellers on ebay will charge you that much for a single puzzle! And puzzle-offensive’s per puzzle price is pretty aggressively low so that helps. For example, a new 1000 piece Schmidt is 13.49 euro which is $15.29 USD (today anyway). The same size Schmidt puzzle is $17.99 prime on Amazon US or $19.99 on puzzlewarehouse.com. So if you order quite a few puzzles at once (which lowers the per price shipping), the price works out to be about the same.

      Having said that, I noticed yesterday that the new 2016 Schmidts are showing up on puzzlewarehouse.com. It’s definitely *faster* to order from a US source. The one bad thing about puzzle-offensive is that it can take 2-3 weeks (or longer around the holidays) to get your order.

      I usually order the new Heyes from them because they get them several months before the US does, and I’m impatient. 🙂


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