New Educa Puzzles 2016 — Video

You can see all the new Educa puzzles for 2016 in this video.  I’ve pulled out the ones I particularly like below.

Educa has a new box design, as you can see in the photos below. I like it!

“The Garden Shelf” by Aimee Stewart, 1500 pieces

Ravensburger has released a lot of ‘shelf’ puzzles by Aimee Stewart in 1000 pieces. It’s nice to see a new image and a larger size from Educa.


“Paris in a Car”, 1500 pieces

This is a nice twist on a landscape painting with the car element in the foreground providing a different color/texture to assemble.


“Cake Shop” by Aimee Stewart, 1500 pieces

Both Ravensburger and Bits and Pieces have versions of this image as a puzle this year, but I like this larger size.


“Arc de Triumphe”, 2000 pieces


“Westminster Bridge”, 2000 pieces


“La Vucciria Market Palermo”, 3000 pieces

Educa_La Vucciria Market, Palermo_3000

“Central Park New York”, 3000 pieces

Wow, does this look hard!


“Colors of Italy: Salumeria”  by Viktor Shvaiko, 1500 pieces


Las Vegas (neon puzzle), 1000 pieces


“Mount Fuji Japan”, 2000 pieces


“London Charing Cross”, 3000 pieces


“Cafe Street” by Richard MacNeil, 8000 pieces

This is a pretty scene but seems a bit plain for 8000 pieces. If you like large puzzles, check it out.

Educa_cafestreet_Richard Macneil _8000


There’s also  the map puzzle below (in 1000 pieces) that is in their video but not yet on Amazon UK.


Most of these puzzles are currently available on



10 thoughts on “New Educa Puzzles 2016 — Video

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  1. Some nice looking puzzles there…

    I’d add the 3000 piece panoramic New York and the 1000 Neon Vegas to my “to buy” list, along with the euro map shown above. This is getting expensive…

  2. I have purchased Educa’s 3000 piece “London, Charing Cross” and, so far, have thoroughly enjoyed putting it together. However, the only pieces I now have left are sky pieces and I am having such difficulty with these. The difference in shading is very subtle and there isn’t too much difference in shape to give significant clues. I find many of the pieces can fit in several places!! Can anyone give me suggestions – I’m about to put the incomplete puzzle back in the box; something I have never done before!

    1. Hi, Barbara,
      I had a similar problem with Educa’s “Guardian Angel”. You can see my review here:

      In that puzzle, there was tons of nearly black peices with no clue where pieces went. All I can tell you is — how badly do you want to complete the puzzle? 🙂 I was ready to give up on mine several times. I fact I think I put it aside for a bit and did an easy 500 piece puzzle, then picked the hard one back up. If it’s really frustrating you, and you’ll just end up disassembling it once it’s done, you might want to just throw in the towel and save yourself the angst. However, if you really want to complete it then I’d recommend lining up your pieces by shape and just trying piece after piece. Go for any open hole which has an unusual knob shape first — like an extra large head. True, with Educa you may ‘place’ a piece and later realize it doesn’t fit there, but as you build up the areas you’ll find these and can take them out again. It’s tedious, but it’s about the only method I know.

      Good luck!

    2. Thanks Jane – just love your website, it is so informative. I am going to take your advice and rearrange the pieces and give it one more go. If that doesn’t work, then it’s back in the box. As you say, save myself the angst! After all, a puzzle is meant to be enjoyed as well as a challenge.

  3. Jane – I posted a comment about an Educa puzzle called “Flint Cottage” – goodness knows where – I was looking to see if you had answered and I can’t find it. I know you have a lot of followers, but I was just wondering if you happened to know where I can find it. Tks.

  4. I thought you and your followers would be pleased to know that I requested two replacement pieces for Educa’s “London Charing Cross” – one was damaged and I put too much glue on and the other, I later discovered, was missing under my couch! They said it would take a month and lo and behold, there they were in today’s mail. It is so nice when customer service is as promised.

    1. Yes, exactly right! Their form is very easy, so, as long as you put the right row numbers in, you will get what you need.

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