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I’ve updated my “Puzzles Wanted” page.  Feel free to add to the comments section puzzles you are looking for too. Maybe someone out there can help us out! The link has permanently been added to the right (under ‘On the Jigboard’) so you can check the page easily. Below is one of the out-of-print puzzles I’m looking for.




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  1. The apple puzzle is on ebay. I found it under jigsaw puzzle lot. The seller is cuisinelover. The shipping is high and she does not say if the puzzles are complete.

  2. Hey there, I am looking for The find the differences collection from, The House of Puzzles.. Has anyone seem them any where other than amazon …? Would appreciate any help..

    1. HI Nancy and others,
      I’ve got a largish collection of wysocki and other types of puzzles that I’m looking to exchange or give away. I’d prefer to give to someone who will know the value of them, and not just the local library book sale!
      Would you have puzzles to exchange, or….what do you think?
      thanks! -Jen

    2. I live in a retirement home and we are looking for free jigsaw puzzles, we are mostly in our 80s and

  3. I have some puzzles that are older (50 years or so) that I don’t do anymore. Would like to see them go to someone or a group who may appreciate them.

  4. I have 8 jigsaw puzzles from 1960s, 1970s and 1980s available for immediate purchase. If you’re interested please respond.

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