House of Puzzles – New Winter 2016 Puzzles

House of Puzzles releases new images twice a year–in February and July. Their February puzzles just went up on Here they are.

Find the Differences #10: Camping by Ray Cresswell, 1000 pieces

This is my top pick of the new releases. Most of the February puzzles are 500 pieces, and I like the larger size. Plus it’s a Ray Cresswell and a Find the Differences. Very nice.


The Lynvale Collection (all 500 pieces)

“Winter Walk”, 500 pieces 


“Farm Fresh”, 500 pieces


“Walled Garden”, 500 pieces

This is a great image. Wish it was 1000 pieces! I love the rose vine/brick wall foreground.


“Harvest Festival”, 500 pieces 


“Tight Corner”, 500 pieces


“Market Town”, 500 pieces


What do you think of the new range?


3 responses to House of Puzzles – New Winter 2016 Puzzles

  1. Genae Hill says:

    I have found several puzzles by this brand on but most times they won’t ship to the US. Any good web sites that will?

    • Try They carry House of Puzzles and they have a flat rate shipping of 25pounds to the US. So if you buy a lot in one order, the shipping per puzzle is cheap. I haven’t been able to order from them because their website has a weird problem with my specific address, but other people in the US had ordered from them just fine.

      • Deanne says:

        I also have a problem ordering online so I sent an email and was instructed to pay by PayPal. That worked out and my puzzles were shipped the same day. In the past I have called in my order but that just adds more to the cost.

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