House of Puzzles – New Winter 2016 Puzzles

House of Puzzles releases new images twice a year–in February and July. Their February puzzles just went up on Here they are.

Find the Differences #10: Camping by Ray Cresswell, 1000 pieces

This is my top pick of the new releases. Most of the February puzzles are 500 pieces, and I like the larger size. Plus it’s a Ray Cresswell and a Find the Differences. Very nice.


The Lynvale Collection (all 500 pieces)

“Winter Walk”, 500 pieces 


“Farm Fresh”, 500 pieces


“Walled Garden”, 500 pieces

This is a great image. Wish it was 1000 pieces! I love the rose vine/brick wall foreground.


“Harvest Festival”, 500 pieces 


“Tight Corner”, 500 pieces


“Market Town”, 500 pieces


What do you think of the new range?


3 thoughts on “House of Puzzles – New Winter 2016 Puzzles

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  1. I have found several puzzles by this brand on but most times they won’t ship to the US. Any good web sites that will?

    1. Try They carry House of Puzzles and they have a flat rate shipping of 25pounds to the US. So if you buy a lot in one order, the shipping per puzzle is cheap. I haven’t been able to order from them because their website has a weird problem with my specific address, but other people in the US had ordered from them just fine.

    2. I also have a problem ordering online so I sent an email and was instructed to pay by PayPal. That worked out and my puzzles were shipped the same day. In the past I have called in my order but that just adds more to the cost.

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