Bits And Pieces: New Spring 2016 Puzzles

Bits and Pieces have released their new puzzles for spring. There are some nice ones. You can see them all here. Below are my favorites.

“Pony and Pals” by Jack Williams, 750 or 300 pieces

This is the only new shaped puzzle in the offering, which is a little disappointing. In previous years, they’ve offered spring themed puzzles like “Ducklings”. But this is a nice enough shaped puzzle. As always, to Bits and Pieces: More variety of shaped puzzles please!


“The World: Exotic Destinations” by Lorna Hankins, 1500 or 500 pieces

My favorite of the non-shaped new releases is this one that comes in a nice, large 1500 pieces as well as 500 pieces. It’s got a cool collage/vintage vibe and good colors.


New Joseph Burgess:  “Golden Glory” (1000 or 500), “Spring Awakening” (1000 or 500), “Colors of Spring” (1000 or 500)

There are 3 new Joseph Burgess puzzles, all very colorful and appealing.




“Dusk at the Farm” by Krzysztof Krygier, 1000 or 500

This artist is new to me, but this is a very attractive painting.

BnP_Spr_DuskAtTheFarm_Krzysztof Krygier_1000

6 from Mary Thompson: “Heartfelt Memories”, “Garden Visitors”, “Frozen Fun”, “Watering Hole”, “Summer Outing” and “Autumn Sundown”

You can buy these 6 puzzles as a set or separately. Each comes in 1000 or 500 pieces.

BnP_Spr_HeartfeltMemories_1000_MaryThompson BnP_Spr_GardenVisitors_1000_500_MaryThompson BnP_Spr_FrozenFun_1000_MaryTHopson BnP_Spr_WateringHoles_1000_MaryThompson BnP_Spr_SummerOuting_MaryTHompson_1000


6 new Bonnie White puzzles:  “Pesky Seagulls”, “Lakeside Garden”, “For the Birds”, “Flying High”, “Fish Tales”, “Whale Watchers”

You can buy this as a set or separately. They all come in 1000 or 300 pieces

BnP_Spr_PeskySeagulls_BonnieWhite_1000 BnP_Spr_LakesideGarden_1000_300 BnP_Spr_ForTheBirds_1000

BnP_Spr_FlyingHigh_1000 BnP_Spr_FishTales_1000_BonnieWhite BnP_Spr_WhaleWatchers_1000

“Fountain Gathering” by Vivienne Chanelle, 1000 or 500 pieces

Very spring like!

BnP_Spr_FountainGathering_1000_Vivienne Chanelle

“Primary Colors” and “Fountain Festivities” by Crista Forest, 500 or 300 pieces

BnP_Spr_PrimaryColors_300_500 BnP_Spr_FountainFestivities_500_300_CristaForest

See anything you like?


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