New Gibsons Releases Apr 2016!

Gibsons has released six new puzzles.

“Vinyl Revival”, 1000 pieces


“Jellies and Ice” by Jim Mitchell, 1000 pieces

Jim Mitchell is one of the artists I collect. I love this one!


“A Dog’s Life” by John Francis, 500 pieces


“The Grand” by Derek Roberts, 636 pieces


“New Friends”, XL 500 or regular 500


“Mods and Rockers” by Kevin Walsh, 2×500


You can buy them on jigsawpuzzlesdirect here. They should be filtering out to the other usual places soon.


2 thoughts on “New Gibsons Releases Apr 2016!

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  1. Hi Jane. Have you had any problems ordering from jigsawpuzzlesdirect before? I’m trying to order from them but their online order form keeps giving me errors. Do you often order from stores in Europe, and if so, which ones do you like?

  2. Hi! Yes, I cannot use their online checkout system. It always gives me an error for my PA, USA address, even though it says they support it. You might have to call their phone number.

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