Jigsaw Junkie Joins the Puzzle Warehouse Family


By Jane Holmes

Jigsaw Junkie is gearing up for a big change and a new challenge starting May 2016.  This humble puzzle blog is going pro! Jigsaw Junkie has joined forces with Puzzle Warehouse to become bigger and better than before.

Puzzle Warehouse is the largest puzzle distributor in the United States. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, they have a huge retail store (boy howdy!) and a large online storefront too.  I can tell you, from my outsider perspective, that I have bought a lot of puzzles over the years from Puzzle Warehouse.  I like the huge variety they carry (lots of my favorites like Heye, Schmidt, Ravensburger, Jumbo, Buffalo Games and more). They have a great deal on shipping ($7.99 on orders up to $75 and free after that), which is always important for jigsaw puzzle buyers. I also like their ‘Puzzle of the Month’ club idea, which they introduced last year.

So when they contacted me in March, I was all ears. It turns out they were readers of my little blog and wondered if there was any way we might work together. As it turned out, there was. 😉

Jane from Jigsaw Junkie visits Puzzle Warehouse

I flew to St. Louis to meet with Brian, Steve, and Greg from Puzzle Warehouse. Walking into the store was like entering a puzzle lover’s paradise! Seriously, I have never seen so many shiny, shrink-wrapped puzzle boxes in all my life. I nearly went into cardiac arrest. If you live anywhere remotely near St. Louis, you need to see this store!

Here’s a little taste, but I’ll share more photos later.


Puzzles as far as the eye can see. 


The Educa display at Puzzle Warehouse

After wandering around the store in a daze for a time, and then getting an official tour which included the Super Secret Warehouse Area, the guys at Puzzle Warehouse corralled me into a room to chat. We came up with lots of cool ideas for the blog! So. Many. Ideas.

I knew I’d found the best possible partners to take Jigsaw Junkie pro. Puzzle Warehouse is US-based and a short plane ride from where I live. They are brand-independent but brand-inclusive. Meaning they carry just about anything I’d ever love to feature on the blog, and I can continue to cover all sorts of puzzles and brands rather than focusing on just one brand. Also, they’re very nice people who are committed to the jigsaw puzzle market and already have a good customer base.

What The Future Looks Like

In the coming months, we’ll be trying out new things. But some great benefits are already apparent.

  1. Jigsaw Junkie will be able to post way more reviews and features because that’s now my job rather than a hobby. You can expect to see at least two reviews and a feature every week.
  2. We’ll be able to offer discounts on reviewed puzzles and more giveaways too. Free stuff!
  3. Jigsaw Junkie will be able to get into the industry in a way we haven’t been able to before. Visits to manufacturers, toy fairs, and other behind-the-scenes info will be coming your way!
  4. Better tie-ins with social media and special promos. You’ll see more of me (hopefully in a good way) and get information faster.
  5. Improved site design and navigation–already in the works! No more ads.

But don’t worry, Jigsaw Junkie will still run honest reviews and bring you all the news on the coolest new puzzle releases.

Be sure to follow Jigsaw Junkie and Puzzle Warehouse on Facebook and Twitter to get notified when new stuff drops:





And more photos of puzzles

Here are more photos of my tour of the Puzzle Warehouse store.


The front desk

FrontDesk2 copy

The front desk as seen from the Dowdle puzzle display.


The Cobble Hill display at Puzzle Warehouse


The Eurographics display 


The Falcon display


A few Jumbo puzzles 


Some rectangular box Heyes–they also have a large section of the triangular cartoon puzzles


Pomegranate puzzles by the scads


The entry room at Puzzle Warehouse has a shifting display of their current bestsellers in puzzles and some games


Some Ravensburgers on display


The Sunsout display at Puzzle Warehouse takes up a lot of shelves


Part of the White Mountain display 


There are lots of framed puzzles on the walls including Educa’s “Life”, 24000 pieces! Seeing it really made me want to do this one.


.Jane from Jigsaw Junkie with Brian Way, owner of Puzzle Warehouse


A sign in the Puzzle Warehouse parking lot. Looks like I’m going be here awhile.


Jane @ Jigsaw Junkie

24 thoughts on “Jigsaw Junkie Joins the Puzzle Warehouse Family

Add yours

  1. Congratulations! It’s great that the blog becomes “pro”!
    I am not quite sure about the translation of your text…is blog your job now? not hobby any more?

    1. Hi, there! I like your blog. Very nice-looking. I don’t know much about Russian puzzles, so it’s interesting to me. Yes, it is now my job. 🙂

    2. thank you!
      i have recently started running my blog) i try to do english translation for my posts, but it takes time, and sometimes i am short of it)
      If you are interested in russian puzzle brands, you can check up the tag “russia manufacturer”. and of course you are welcome to aks any questions about them)

  2. Congratulations, but I’ve just looked at my bank balance and I’m not ready for for this partnership!

  3. Congratulations! I have loved your blog ever since I stumbled upon it early last year. Sounds like a dream come true! I think I need to save up my money and plan a vacation to visit the Puzzle Warehouse. It looks fabulous. Always more fun shopping in person than online.

    1. Yeah, I must say, I saw a dozen puzzles in the store that day and looked way more tempting to me than they had online. It’s nice to see the real boxes.

      Thanks for the kind words about the blog!

  4. Awesome news Jane. I just placed a HUGE order at Puzzle Warehouse as they are having a sale – 11% off all puzzles. Anyway, I would go nuts in that store. It looks like pure heaven. :0)

  5. This is great for you Jane and no suprise considering the quality of your web page. I prefer Jigsaw Jungle Canada myself but it will certainly be interesting to see the new Puzzle Wharehouse Canada. Good luck – I’m sure you will do well and look forward to the new you.

  6. wish we had a shop like this in the UK.My kind of Heaven.looks like the best job in the world.
    Put my 1200 jigsaw to shame

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