New Puzzles for June 2016

There are some cool new puzzles to talk about. First, let’s look at the ones that were just announced (and aren’t yet in stock).


Buffalo Games

First, some new puzzles from Buffalo Games including a new 2000 piecer called “Sweet Shop”!

Buffalo sweetshop

Also, I was very excited to see this Wysocki Halloween themed puzzle. It was published by Milton Bradley many years ago, and has been very pricey on the used puzzle market. I only wish they offered it in 1000 or even 2000 pieces too! This is a classic.  [Note: it’s also just reached Puzzle Warehouse and is now in stock! CLICK HERE for product page.]

Buffalo trickortreathotel

And a new collage puzzle that looks quite fun to put together.

buffalo exploretheusa


Springbok just announced two new puzzles, both of which are very detailed masculine puzzles (for Father’s Day perhaps).

“The Bait Shop”, 1000 pieces

Springbok the bait shop

“Vintage Baseball”, 1000 pieces



Some outstanding new puzzles were announced from Pomegranate! There’s a lovely Asian themed puzzle called “Ultimate Tantra”, a new Mike Wilks puzzle called “The Letter B” (you can see our review of “The Letter S” here), and I’m excited to see a new Charley Harper national parks puzzle! That one definitely goes to the top of my Most Wanted list.

POM paul-heussenstamm-ultimate-tantra-6

POM mike-wilks-the-ultimate-alphabet-the-letter-b-6

POM charley-harper-the-california-desert-mountains-6


First, there’s a new Steve Crisp called “The Old Tractor” in 1000 pieces


If you’re more of a collage puzzle fan, this “Garden Seeds” (1000 pieces) looks promising


There are two new Terry Redlin puzzles. “Always Alert” in 1000 pieces (shown below) looks considerably lighter than past Terry Redlin puzzles.


And finally, “Grizzly” in 300 pieces is an interesting take on “Coloring book” puzzles. One side is already colored and the other side of the puzzle is just black and white lines so you can color it yourself. I love the shaped outline. Wish it came in a larger size!

WM Grizzley 300



Sunsout releases this month are all about coloring book puzzles too. They have a different take on it. They are selling “sets” which include two 500 piece puzzles (in full olor) plus posters in black and white that you can color yourself.

SUnsout_coloring Burgess

Sunsout coloring amy rosenberg



Here are my picks of the brand new puzzles in stock at Puzzle Warehouse in the past 30 days.

“Backyard Birds” by Greg Giordano, 1000 pieces from Vermont Christmas Company


“Birdhouse Celebration” by Lori Shory, Sunsout, 1000 pieces shaped

Sunsout Birdhouse Celebration

“Nature Boy” by Josephine Wall, Glitter Edition, Buffalo Games, 1000 pieces

This was one of my picks for new May puzzles and now it’s in stock.


“Trick Or Treat Hotel” by Wysocki, Buffalo Games, 500 pieces

Must have!

Buffalo trickortreathotel

“Mount Rainier National Park” and “Independence National History Park” by Eric Dowdle, 500 pieces each

There are a number of new Eric Dowdle puzzles. These two are my favorites.



“Sam’s Garage”, Buffalo Games, 1000 pieces


“Lakeside Cottage” by Joseph Burgess, 1000 pieces, Vermont Christmas Company


“Summertime” by Darrell Bush, Buffalo Games, 1000 pieces


“Field Cats” by Higgins Bond, Sunsout, 1000 pieces, round


You can see all the new puzzles in stock this month here.

July should be an exciting month for new puzzles. We’ll see the new House of Puzzles announcements, plus the Christmas puzzles start to release!



4 thoughts on “New Puzzles for June 2016

Add yours

  1. Jane,

    Thanks for the alert on “Trick Or Treat Hotel” by Wysocki. He is one of my favorite jigsaw artists.

    – Richard

  2. I had “Trick Or Treat Hotel” by Wysocki when it was released by MB as a 1000 piece puzzle. It was challenging. The 500 piece looks more inviting.
    When do the major puzzle companies usually release their puzzles and how long are they usually “in print”.

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