Ravensburger and Gibsons 2016 Christmas Puzzles Announced!

July is when we start seeing the Christmas puzzles announced. Very exciting! This year is stacking up to be a great one.

RAVENSBURGER 2016 LIMITED EDITION CHRISTMAS PUZZLE:  “Santa’s Christmas Party” by Roy Trower

This is the 20th in the Ravensburger limited edition Christmas series. It’s beautiful!  Look at all the lovely detail in the dancing figures and that pretty winter scene backdrop. Outstanding! The box looks terrific too with a custom back about the puzzle.


A1A0dDfqsSL._SL1500_ A1DMOWHOFTL._SL1500_

GIBSONS 2016 LIMITED EDITION CHRISTMAS PUZZLE: “The Christmas Grotto” by Marcello Corti

The Gibsons’ release this year is also gorgeous. I love the old half-timbered buildings and all the figures.

91wMFQ3WwVL._SL1417_ 810ypYaa-wL._SL1369_

Ravensburger’s What If? No 15: Christmas Day by Geoff Tristram

This isn’t a limited edition release, but it’s brand new for Christmas 2016. I love the “What If?” series and am happy to see another Christmas themed puzzle.

A1PYgoB4KLL._SL1500_ A1dhN+nHj0L._SL1500_

WASGIJ CHRISTMAS #12: “The Big Turn On”

I announced this one earlier, but I’ll add it to this post for completeness. Looks like a good one!

81Lca1AKoJL._SL1500_ 816eTupnn+L._SL1500_

Still to come… WH Smith, House of Puzzles, Falcon, and Waddington’s.

What do you think of this year’s crop so far?


10 thoughts on “Ravensburger and Gibsons 2016 Christmas Puzzles Announced!

Add yours

  1. I love this year’s Ravenburger! I’m definitely getting that one. I might consider getting the Gibsons one as well. It’s a really nice image.

  2. Sorry but I do not like both the Ravensburger and the Gibsons. I have liked most of the past Ravensburger Christmas so looking forward to the companies still to announce theirs. Helen SS

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