New House of Puzzles, July 2016

The House of Puzzles brand from Scotland has announced their new puzzles for July 2016. They’re hard to get in North America, so if you’re in the UK you’re in luck. If not, your best bet at the moment is ebay. But hopefully they will have US distribution in the future.

Here are my top picks of their new puzzles. My favorites are this year’s limited edition Christmas Puzzle and the new Find the Differences – #11: General Store.

A Story for Christmas 1000

No. 11 In The Find the Difference's Collection General Store

Helping Grandad 1000

Crafty Corner 1000 Farming Year 1000 Green Man big 500 Holiday Havoc 1000  Head Over Heels big 500 Twenties Green 1000 Summer Fete big 500

They haven’t updated their website yet, but when they do you’ll be able to see all the new puzzles here.


3 thoughts on “New House of Puzzles, July 2016

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  1. Those are my two favourites too! I saw them pop up on Amazon UK a few days ago. Do you think the Holiday Havoc is a Linda Birkenshaw? I’m sure I recognise those sheep!

    I am so out of space for new puzzles. I get a bit jumpy if any new ones I love are not added to my collection straight away though. It’s a problem. ; )

  2. Hi, Jen! Yes, i think Holiday Havoc and Summer Fete are by Linda Birkenshaw. I wish they made all of her images into 1000 piece puzzles! And the “Head over Heels” too. But I know that’s just me. 🙂 Other people really like the 500 piece size.

    I know exactly what you mean. It’s hard to wait.

  3. Yes you’re right – Summer Fete too! Those are being added to the shopping cart. I love the colours she uses. Sometimes I am just in the mood to do a quick and easy 500 piecer …. and I always pass these onto my mum as she prefers the smaller sizes I think.

    Really enjoying reading your reviews. Thanks Jane.

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