New Puzzles — August 2016

I’m a bit early with August’s new puzzles post, but there are too many cool things to talk about to wait!


We have some exciting new releases in stock at Puzzle Warehouse. Below are my picks, but you can see all the new puzzles for the past 30 days here.


Sunsout has released 120 new titles!  Some of the puzzles I talked about last month are now in stock. Can you tell I’m excited! 🙂

“Boy’s Stocking” and “Girl’s Stocking”, 800 pieces each, shaped puzzles

These are my favorite of the new Sunsout. I’m glad to have them in stock so soon! Click on the images to go to the Puzzle Warehouse page. I hope to review these in the coming months.

796780971080 796780971110

“Emerald Hawthorne” by Nene Thomas, 1000 pieces 

Nene Thomas has only been on the Ceaco brand, so I’m happy to see Sunsout release one as well and in the 1000 piece size. Hopefully more will follow.

Sunsout emerald hawthorne 1000

“Fall Birdhouses”, 1000 pieces


“A Country Town in Autumn”, 500 pieces

I love this one and wish it was available in 1000 pieces as well.


“Autumn Glow”, 1000 pieces


“Autumn Harvest” by Howard Robinson, 1000 pieces

sunsout tom wood

“Beware Haunted House”, 1000 pieces

A new Halloween puzzle in 1000 pieces! Yay!


“Spooky Lane”, 500 pieces

Picture 063

“Harvest Moon Lane”, 1000 pieces


“Out in the Forest” by Liz Goodrick Dillon, 1000 pieces (comes in other sizes too)


“Heavenly Light” by Mark Keathley, 1000 pieces


“Snow Days” by Sandi LeBron, 500 pieces



In this section I have the scoop on new puzzles just announced but not yet available at Puzzle Warehouse. When these puzzles become available in the future, they’ll migrate to the section above in future monthly news.


The Netherlands puzzle giant has some new titles just released over in Europe. It will take a while for them to get to the US, but let’s take a look!

There’s a new addition to the “Pieces of History” series by Rod Derk. This one is called “Wild West”. 1000 pieces.


“Poet’s Cottage” by Dominic Davidson (1000 pieces) looks very pretty.

Jumbo Poets Cottage Dominic Davidson 1000

I adore the puzzle below.  It’s very busy and has that soft, old-timey feel. The German title is something like “Animals in the Landscape”, but I’m not sure what the English titles will be. 1000 pieces.

Jumbo Tiere der Landschaft 1000

The one below is “Animals in Winter” in German, but it’s in a series with “Spring Garden” so will likely be called “Winter Garden”. 1000 pieces. This will likely be under the Falcon label.

Jumbo_Garden in winter

There’s a new boxed set of 2 x 1000 piece Christmas puzzles. This will likely be under the Falcon label.

jumbo xmas

“Next year in Cambridge” 1000 pieces (English title may change)

jumbo cambride

Ravensburger (Germany)

Ravensburger has a separate puzzle line for Germany/EU and the US. The German line recently released some new puzzles but they’re only in the EU so far. I’m not sure of their titles in English yet.

“Mystical Dragons” (translated from German), 1000 pieces

rav mystical dragon 1000

99 Funny Animals, 1000 pieces (title translated from German)

99 puzzle

“Travel Around the World”, 1000 pieces (title translated from German)

rav travel the world 1000

“Hidden World” by Colin Thompson, 1000 pieces (title translated from German)

Rav colin thompson

“Patroness of Wolves”, 1000 pieces (title translated from German)

rav queen of the wolves

“Disney’s Magic Book”, 1500 pieces (title translated from German)

Rav disney magic book 1500


Schmidt, a German puzzle company, has just released four Disney puzzles by Thomas Kinkaid (only available in Germany so far). These images have been previously released by US bargain brand Ceaco in 500 pieces. But if you’re looking for another option to Ceaco’s quality, or a larger piece count, these Schmidt puzzles should be excellent, especially with their new “Premium Quality” line.

The new puzzles include “Cinderella”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Jungle Book” and “Sleeping Beauty”. Each comes in 1000 pieces.

schmidt disney cinderella

schmidt Disney Die Schöne und das Biest 1000

schmidt Disney Dornröschen 1000

disney junglebook

In addition, Schmidt just released three new Aimee Stewart puzzles, each in 1000 pieces. I’m not sure what the titles will be in English yet, but the bottom one is a brand new image I’ve never seen before and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. The German translation is “Back to the Present”.

Schmidt attic

schmidt toys

Schmidt Back to the Past Aimee Stewart


Springbok, a US brand, has released their Fall puzzles. We should have them soon at Puzzle Warehouse. You can see them all here. Before are my favorites.

“Off the Vine”, 1000 pieces. Vintage wine labels collage.


“Six String Symphony”, 2000 pieces


“Christmas Carolers”, 1000 pieces


Tons of new Cris Ortega gothic puzzles

Thanks to Jacqui for letting me know about this. A brand called Grafika has released a bunch of new Cris Ortega puzzles in France. I don’t know anything about the quality of the brand. And I’m not sure if we’ll be able to get them at Puzzle Warehouse. But it’s certainly interesting news for those who love fantasy puzzles. The Cris Ortega puzzles we currently have in stock are from Heye. You can see them here.  Below are a few of the new images from Grafika.

AA field-of-the-scarecrow-puzzle-1000-pieces.51036-1.fs

AA the-veil-of-death-puzzle-1500-pieces.51076-1.fs

  AA death-is-after-you-puzzle-1000-pieces.51058-1.fs

Preview: New Aimee Stewart for 2017

This is very early puzzle news. These images were posted on Aimee Stewart’s facebook page as designs she did for puzzles for 2017. It’s a new series called “Life is an Open Book”  Each one is themed around a city like Paris or New York. What a great idea! Can’t wait. It will be interested to see who the publisher is. Ravensburger? Schmidt? Sunsout? They have all published Aimee Stewart recently. Click for a closer view.

aimee stewart cities

Preview: Steve Crisp

Another brand new image that was posted on the White Mountain facebook page is this new Steve Crisp. White Mountain was asking people if they would buy it as a puzzle. The response was very positive. Hopefully it will be a puzzle soon!

Steve Crisp farm scene new WM ask

Preview: Stamp Puzzles

The stamp collage images below were also posted on the White Mountain facebook page. The art is by Lois Sutton. Pretty awesome. Hopefully, we’ll see these as puzzles from White Mountain soon.


WM Christmas Stamps ASK

That’s it for this month. Good stuff! Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation.


11 thoughts on “New Puzzles — August 2016

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  1. Not all my favourite but there are some really lovely puzzles there. You would have to stay up all night if you intend completing even a quarter of them but you must be a real wiz by now. Much better than doing the dusting!! Love following your posts Jane.

  2. Oh my. I am almost speechless at the sight of those 2017 Aimee Stewart puzzles, especially the Paris one. It’s great to get a sneak peak at what’s coming up. Thanks Jane! 😄

  3. Hi Jane, meant to say that I have quite a few Nene Thomas puzzles produced by Schmidt and I also found a couple produced by Andrews & Blaine (which Barnes & Noble stock). Might be worth a try? Jacqui

    1. Hi, Jacqui — Interesting about the Schmidt. Those must be out of print, but you can probably find them on ebay. What do you think of Andrews & Blaine quality? I haven’t done one of theirs yet.

    2. Hi Jane, have just finished (my last!) Nene Thomas puzzle which I’ve been saving (not sure why but your query pushed me to do it!) and this was an A & B one. The box (collector’s box) is really nice – large hardback book sized with the image all the way round and the name of the artist and title on each side too. There is a bit about the artist on the back and there is also a copy of the image on a separate sheet inside the box. Box is really good quality – inside is deep and it has a small tab which you use to pull the box from its `cover’. The puzzle is decent quality too. Pieces aren’t as thick as Ravensburger etc – probably about the same as Grafika – however these fit together really well (and you can pick up a section without it falling apart unlike with Grafika). Image quality and colour saturation are amazing and of course the subject is great (this was titled `Memento’ and the other I have is `Queen of Owls’. Just noticed that these are both available on your ebay.). I would definitely buy more Andrews + Blaine. Hope this helps. Jacqui

    3. Hi, Jacqui. Thanks for the detailed info on Andrews + Blaine. Good to know! Sounds like they are a brand worth buying if you like the image. I do like the look of their Nene Thomas puzzles.

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