New Puzzles – Sept/Oct 2016

Let’s talk about new puzzles! Due to my two weeks vacation, I haven’t posted new puzzles since August, so we have some catching up to do.


We have some exciting new releases in stock at Puzzle Warehouse. Below are my picks, but you can see all the new puzzles for the past 30 days here.


Sunsout has released some new Fall/Winter titles that are quite nice.

“Forest Christmas” by Lori Cook, 1000 pieces 

This is my favorite of the new Sunsout puzzles. It’s shaped! And it has birds! I did a tree-shaped puzzle a few years ago from Sunsout and it was really difficult (thanks to the preponderence of pine needles), but this one looks easier (and anyway — worth it!). I hope to review this one on the blog.  Click on the image to view it at Puzzle Warehouse.



“Snow Barn” by Bill Makinson, 500 pieces 

This is gorgeous! I wish it came in 1000 pieces too. Click on the image to view it at Puzzle Warehouse.


“Sunset at Craggy Point” by Dominic Davison, 1000 pieces 

If you’re a fan of Dominic Davison, he has a bunch of new releases this time around! If you like landscapes, this is a lovely one.  Click on the image to view it at Puzzle Warehouse.


“Santa’s Little Helpers” by Larry Hersberger, 1000 pieces

Sunsout has a few different Christmas themed puzzles by Larry Hersberger, all using this rustin cabin setting. This one is my favorite. Because — dogs! Click on the image to view it at Puzzle Warehouse.


“Christmas Wonder” by Jack Sorenson, 300 pieces

This is another very nice Christmas illustration I wish also came in a larger size, but for a quick family puzzle it’s ideal. Looks like fun with all those toys around the window. Click on the image to view it at Puzzle Warehouse.


“Christmas Tree Cat” by Amy Rosenberg, 300 pieces

I love the various patterned bulbs and wallpaper in this one. Looks perfect for puzzling. Click on the image to view it at Puzzle Warehouse.


“Birds and Ornaments” by Ashley Davis, 1000 pieces

Another ornament pattern puzzle, and this one is in 1000 pieces. Click on the image to view it at Puzzle Warehouse.



“Tangled” (Disney) by Thomas Kinkade – 750 pieces

Ceaco has released some new Disney/Thomas Kinkade images that are really gorgeous. My favorite is “Tangled”. You can see more of them hereClick on the image to view it at Puzzle Warehouse.


“In the Backyard (Selfies)” by Howard Robinson, 550 pieces

If you like dog and cat puzzles, this one is pretty adorbs. Click on the image to view it at Puzzle Warehouse.



White Mountain has had some nice new releases too.

“6 Holiday Puzzles” set 

This would make a great gift and is priced very well ($24.99 for 6 puzzles). If you’ve been looking at “Winter Village”, but wanted it in a smaller size, here it is in 300 pieces. Click on the image to view it at Puzzle Warehouse.

SMALL_1517125.qxd (Page 1)

“6 in 1 Steve Crisp” set 

White Mountain has a similarly awesome set of Steve Crisp puzzles for $24.99. I love all these images. Click on the image to view it at Puzzle Warehouse.

SMALL_1517125.qxd (Page 1)


“Barnyard Buddies” by Steve Crisp, 550 pieces

I’ve featured Steve Crisp and many of his puzzles on the blog before. I can’t tell you how much I adore this new image. I love farm scenes, and this one is just perfect. I wish it also came in a larger size though! It already sold out on Puzzle Warehouse, but more are coming soon! Click on the image to view it at Puzzle Warehouse.


“Reader’s Paradise” by Aimee Stewart, 1000 pieces

There’s also a new Aimee Stewart out from White Mountain featuring books! Click on the image to view it at Puzzle Warehouse.



I haven’t tried this brand yet, but some of their new puzzles look good.

“Broadway Musicals”, 1000 pieces

Click on the image to view it at Puzzle Warehouse.



“Castle Dreams” by Aimee Stewart, 750 pieces

This seems to be a new style from Aimee Stewart — digitally enhanced photos. The colors are quite vibrant! Click on the image to view it at Puzzle Warehouse.



“Christmas Kittens”, 1000 pieces

Too much fun. There’s also a “Holiday Dogs” coming to Puzzle Warehouse soon. Click on the image to view it at Puzzle Warehouse.


“Golf”, 1000 pieces

A nice vintage collage that would make a great gift for golf lovers. Click on the image to view it at Puzzle Warehouse.



In this section I have the scoop on new puzzles just announced but not yet available at Puzzle Warehouse. When these puzzles become available in the future, they’ll migrate to the section above in future monthly news.


Since we ended the section above with Eurographics, let’s begin this section with them. They have some nice new releases we haven’t gotten in stock yet, but should be getting soon.

“Getting Ready for Christmas” by Steve Crisp, 1000 pieces

This is a brand new (to me) image from Steve Crisp. Looks nice!


7 new puzzles by Dominic Davison

Eurographics is going Davison crazy. There are some really lovely new images here, especially the “Festive Labs” Christmas puzzle.  You can check these puzzles out on the Eurographics website.









3 new 1000 piece puzzles from Charles Wysocki

It’s always nice to see Buffalo add to their 1000-piece Wysocki collection. One of these has oversized pieces.

petesgamblinghall__81799-1478191842-500-659 teabythesea1000__39099-1478191255-500-659


“Christmas Village”, 750 pieces

This 750 piece panorama was added to their Holiday Collection series. Looks awesome. Their website doesn’t name the artist but this looks liks Nicky Boehme, who also has a new Springbok release (below).



Springbok, a US brand, has some new releases. You can see them all here. Below are my favorites. These should all be coming into stock soon at Puzzle Warehouse.

“Country Christmas”, 1000 pieces. 

This is their yearly limited edition Hallmark ornament puzzle. You can see my review of last year’s puzzle here.


“Snow Place Like Home” by Springbok artists, 1000 pieces 


“Christmas Eve” by Nicky Boehme, 1000 pieces 



2 new stamps puzzles in 1000 pieces each

These brand new puzzles were just put up on the White Mountain website. We should get them in stock soon.

whm-stamps wm-stamps-2


Jumbo just announced some new JVH puzzles that will be coming in 2017. Yay!

“Technical Highlights” by Jan Van Haasteren, 1000 pieces


“The Reception and German Beer Party” pack, 500 + 1000


“Get That Cat”, 1000 pieces

This was a previous release in 500 pieces that’s now coming out in 1000.


That’s it for this month. Quite soon we should be seeing new 2017 releases. Last year Heye announced theirs in November. Can’t wait!  In the meantime, have a safe and happy November.


4 thoughts on “New Puzzles – Sept/Oct 2016

Add yours

  1. I’m overwhelmed! There are some truly wonderful puzzles here. I see several that I have to have. The first one I’m going to get is an easy one I can do with my grandchildren – “In the Backyard (Selfies)”.

  2. I may need to get the golf collage for my hubby. I just finished a Eurographics puzzle today (Civil War Generals) I really enjoy the random cut, and it was just an all around fun puzzle – and educational too! The golf collage would make a great birthday present since I’ve already assembled, glued and framed his Christmas present puzzle! Love the Aimee Stewart Reader’s Paradise as well.

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