New Puzzles – Feb 2017

I’m back from hiatus and there’s a lot to catch up on. I hope everyone had a happy and productive January!  I’m going to be starting something new with my “New Puzzles” post, picking my top 3 new puzzles of the month.

For your Edification – A Tip on Saving Shipping Costs:

I used to never order a single puzzle because the shipping cost for just one can be nearly as much as the puzzle itself! Yet I’m not always ready to spend $75 to get free shipping either. That’s why I really enjoy the Puzzle Warehouse’s “Puzzle of the Month” club because it means year-long free shipping. You’ll receive a puzzle each month with Puzzle of the Month club, and when you buy other items at any time, upon checkout you are asked if you’d like to hold that new purchase to ship with your puzzle of the month. Yes! This means I can order a single puzzle and have it sent to me later with my monthly shipment and there’s no shipping fee on it. I also keep a “Wish List” on puzzle warehouse, so when I get my email about my monthly selection, I can easily exchange it for a puzzle I really want. Win/win.


Below are my top 3 picks this month. There are all available for order right now at Puzzle Warehouse.

PICK #1: “Say Cheese” by Gobel & Knorr, Heye, 1500 pieces 

This is my favorite of the new 2017 Heye puzzles, and you can now order it at Puzzle Warehouse. I love the 1500 piece size, the highly detailed European city, and all the interesting figures. Grab it while it’s in stock!  Click here to view it at Puzzle Warehouse.

gobels-saycheese-box 3329793-b

PICK #2: “Ladies Garden Club” by Susan Brabeau, Sunsout, 1000 pieces  

Last year’s “And the Winner Is…” from Susan Brabeau and Sunsout was one of my favorite puzzles of 2016. (See my review here.) This new 2017 puzzle looks just as good with lots of color and personality. This has been selling out everywhere, so grab it while you can! Click on the image to view it at Puzzle Warehouse.


PICK #3: “Classic Stamps” by White Mountain, 550 pieces  

For the collage lover, this stamps puzzle from White Mountain offers a sophisticated treat. It’s refreshing to see a new subject in collage images and I like the fine detail in all the stamps. Click on the image to view it at Puzzle Warehouse.


More New Puzzles at Puzzle Warehouse this Month


Puzzle Warehouse received their first shipment of 2017 Heye puzzles. We’ll be getting more soon, too, but these are currently in stock.

Click on any puzzle to view it at Puzzle Warehouse.

“Red Poppies” by Jane Crowther, 1000 pieces 


“Flea Market”, 2000 pieces 


“Curiosity Cabinet”, 1500 pieces 


“Psychedoodlic” by Jon Burgerman, 2000 pieces 



These new 2017 puzzles are now in stock.

“Orchids” by Nene Thomas, 1000 pieces 

This is gorgeous!


“The Butterfly House”, 1000 pieces 

So pretty and challenging with all that green!


Two from Nicky Boehme: “Sea Haven”, 1500 pieces and “Peaceful Reflections”, 500 pieces 

Pick your preferred size with these two colorful Nicky Boehme landscapes.

19238seahavencat 796780180628

“Diamond in the Rough” by Jim Hansel, 1000 pieces 

I love the colors and light in this one.

17052 Jim Hansel

“Bedtime Battle” by Liz Goodrich Dillon, 1000 pieces 

This cute puzzle has such wonderful colors and patterns.



Brand new Eurographics 2017 puzzles now in stock!

“The Blue Country House” by Dominic Davidson, 1000 pieces & “Blooming Garden”, 300 pieces

Fantastic colors. Pick your piece count!

A Victorian home in September sunshine

A Country Church in mid afternoon sunshine.

Two new San Francisco puzzles from Eugene Lushpin

“San Francisco The Seven Sisters” & “San Francisco Cable Car Heaven”, both 1000 pieces

I adore these new Lushpin puzzles of San Francisco. The colors and light are amazing.

Seven_Sisters-26x42, 8/5/14, 10:57 AM, 8C, 8166x13279 (836+186), 133%, New Curve Sett, 1/20 s, R33.9, G27.3, B46.5
cable-car-heaven2, 2/13/13, 2:30 PM, 8C, 10108x15059 (1351+0), 150%, Custom, 1/30 s, R26.0, G18.1, B36.6

“Garden Birds” by John Francis, 1000 pieces

This is one of the best new bird-themed puzzles I’ve seen in a long time. I love the unusual setting and the vibrant colors.




These new 2017 puzzles are now in stock.

Jenny  Newland set of 12 puzzles, 100-500 pieces each

This is a lovely set from Jenny Newland. So much cute!


“Homecoming Marine” by Norman Rockwell, 1000 pieces 

It’s nice to see this classic image available in 1000 pieces.


“Hershey Swirl”, 1000 pieces 

This looks like a fun challenge for collage lovers!  All those Reeses packages!


“Cinderella at the Ball” by Kinko Craft, 300 pieces 




We previously showed Mike Jupp’s new puzzle “I Love Fall”. We’re still waiting to get it in stock at Puzzle Warehouse, but I wanted to mention that it won the award for “Best Toy 2017 – Jigsaw Puzzle Category” at the Birmingham NEC’s ‘International Toy Fair’. Congrats, Mike and Gibsons! I look forward to getting this gem in stock.  You can read our interview with Mike here.


“I Love Fall” by Mike Jupp, 1000 pieces


That’s it for this month’s new puzzle round-up. I’ll be back next week with a new review.


14 thoughts on “New Puzzles – Feb 2017

Add yours

  1. Jane,

    Welcome back!

    Thanks for the reviews. I plan to order the “Classic Stamps”.

    The White Mountain “Christmas Stamps” was a real pleasure to assemble.

  2. So happy you are back! Thank you for explaining how it works to order a puzzle with the puzzle club; I’ve been trying to figure it out. I really like the Blue Country House, so it and the Garden Club are going on my wish list. So hard to figure out which puzzle to choose next. Thank you for your review.

  3. Love the Sunsout “Say Cheese”. I have a Eugene Lushpin 1000 piece puzzle, “After the Rain”, enough of a challenge and a beautiful picture. Love his “San Francisco”.

  4. Hi Jane, It’s great to have you back! I did miss you. I just joined the puzzle club a few days ago and have already ordered a single puzzle to come along with my monthly puzzle. It’s so handy to be able to order a single and not pay shipping because I need to order fast when a puzzle I want has a note: “Only 2 left in stock”. I placed an order in a hurry recently for this reason and the next day it was out of stock. Now I can just order the one I need at the time. I’m going to like this! “I Love Fall” does look good. I think I’ll try it when it gets in stock.

  5. Hi Jane

    So happy you are back – was counting the days!!! Hopefully a year of great puzzles – now if you could just persuade Puzzle Warehouse to open a branch over here, stocking the same puzzles as you get over there, that would be fantastic! By the way, I’m just trying my forst Anatolian puzzle – not too bad at all. BW Jacqui

  6. I’m so glad you’re back; hope you enjoyed your break! I love the Classic Stamps! They are sold out, but I asked to be notified when it’s back in stock. The link shows that it’s 550 pieces, not 1000. The Bedtime Battle is so cute! I have the San Francisco Cable Cars in a version by Anatolian.

    Question – Is there a way to see examples of past choices for the puzzle of the month club? I’m interested in it, but I’m afraid I won’t really want any of the choices in any given month, which won’t be saving me any money. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Melanie — Thanks for the correction on Classic Stamps. As for puzzle of the month, there is no “one” selection per month since it depends on the customer, so there are no lists of past selections. However, each month you are sent an email that shows you what was chosen for you and you are given a link to swap that item with a different puzzle of your choice. To be honest, I swap it almost every single month with something else I’ve had my eye on. SO you do get to choose a puzzle that you really want.

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