Publisher Overview & SALE: Cobble Hill

This week at Puzzle Warehouse, we’ve having a great sale — buy 2 Cobble Hill puzzles and you get 1 free!

To celebrate the sale, and point out some great puzzles you won’t want to miss, this week’s post is an updated overview of the Cobble Hill line.

Click here to see the sale at Puzzle Warehouse.

See all our Cobble Hill posts and puzzle reviews here.


Cobble Hill was founded in 2005 with the goal of “bringing quality puzzles with a loving, whimsical, nostalgic feel to jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts around the world.” They offer a good variety of categories and piece sizes include 2000 piece, 1000 piece, 500 piece, 400 piece Family Puzzle (with large and small pieces), 275 piece Easy Handling, and kids puzzles under 100 pieces. They are located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


You can see our full brand comparison on Cobble Hill here. I work with a lot of jigsaw puzzle brands, and I’ve always found Cobble Hill a consistently high-quality brand that I enjoy assembling. The features that stand out to me about Cobble Hill are their thick, sturdy pieces, linen finish (which feels nice in your hands and reduces glare), and interesting piece cut. The image below is from “Boucat” (1000 pieces). If you click on the image for a closer view you can really see the linen finish.


They also have very attractive rectangular boxes. The boxes have a consistent brand design but change up the background color. This makes for a nice collection display on the shelf. (Click for a larger view)



The piece cut and size vary from puzzle to puzzle. The 275 and 500 piece puzzles have larger pieces while the 1000 and 2000 piecers have normal sized pieces. The cut is also a little different in each puzzle, but it’s never a grid cut, it’s always more fanciful. Above you can see the cut for “Boucat” (1000 pieces). Below is the more random cut from “Nancy Drew” (1000 pieces), “Rosemary’s Birds” (2000 pieces), and “Ring-Necked Pheasants” (500 pieces).




COBBLE HILL CURRENT LINE – Updated for Apr 2017

Cobble Hill carries a variety of subject matters but excels in a few of them including birds, nostalgia, collage, fantasy and kid’s puzzles. Below are their main categories along with my top picks in each one. CLICK ON ANY IMAGE to go to the puzzle’s page at Puzzle Warehouse.

There are some wonderful designs I don’t mention, so click here to see ALL Cobble Hill puzzles.


Bird puzzles are one of Cobble Hill’s strongest categories. While many brands do bird images, Cobble Hill’s stand out as special and they’re usually at the top of my ‘can’t resist’ list of Cobble Hill’s offering. They’re just too good to miss. They also carry other wildlife images like deer, moose, squirrels, and general nature scenes. Below are some of my favorites.

“Garden Birds” by Greg & Company , 500 pieces

This 500 piece puzzle has smashing colors and details with all the birds and flowers. SEE MY REVIEW HERE.

“Birds on a Wire” by Greg Giordano, 1000 pieces

This is a new puzzle for 2017. Great combination of colorful birds with a more challenging sky background.

“Barn Owls”, 1000 pieces

This new 2017 design looks like an interesting challenge with the repeating textures of owl features and red barn wood. It will be a beauty when completed!.

“Blackburian Warblers”, 500 pieces

For fans of 500 piece puzzles, this one has outstanding colors.

“Saw-Whet Owl and Wild Grapes” by Robert Bateman, 500 pieces

This is a much softer design than many puzzle with its muted colors and simplicity, but sometimes less is more. This image always  grabs me whenever I scroll past it and at 500 pieces the subtler colors won’t create too difficult a challenge.


“Rosemary’s Birds” by Rosemary Millettte, 2000 pieces

I reviewed this puzzle in 2016 and wow, did I love it! I love the art style, the bright colors, and the format of the puzzle with all the vignettes around a larger backgrounds image. It was one of my favorites of the year.




“Koi Pond” by Larry Taugher, 1000 pieces 

This was my favorite of the new releases last year. It’s a gorgeous image that looks fun to puzzle with all the similarly colored green lily pads and white and pink flowers throughout the image.



“Rural Route”, 1000 pieces 

Fans of nature and farm scenes will love this new 2017 puzzle with its soft winter light.


Cobble Hill has some new nostalgia puzzles this year.

3 from Lee Dubin: “Family Picnic”, 1000 pieces; “Don’t Stop Now!”, 500 pieces; “Saturday Matinee” 275 pieces

Lee Dubin is a new puzzle artist from Cobble Hill. His paintings remind me a little of Susan Brabeau. They’re early American nostalgia with a touch of humor. There are 3 puzzles in different sizes so you can pick your poison.

“Country Paradise”, 1000 pieces

This has long been one of my favorite Cobble Hill images, so I’m glad it’s still in print and in stock! I love the challenge of the sunflowers with the simpler background.

*** FANTASY***

Fantasy is an underrepresented category, in my opinion. Schmidt continues to produce new fantasy puzzles and occassionally Ravensburger or Educa offers one. Cobble Hill has introduced new fantasy puzzles every year and they’re excellent quality ones too.

“Dragon Flight” by Chris Seamen, 400 pieces each

This is a new fantasy image for 2017. It’s 400 piece size makes it good for older kids as well as adults.

“Midnight Messenger” and “Solstice Gathering” by Anne Stokes, 1000 pieces each

These lovely fantasy images by Anne Stokes will offer the puzzler a challenge with their monochromatic color schemes, but they look so worth it!



“Indulgences” by Echo Chernik, 1000 pieces

Aimee Stewart puzzles tend to be rich in color and detail and this one is no exception. I love the three-panel format, which gives you essentially three smaller puzzles to assemble with plenty of pattern and detail in each one. And taking the higher-level view, it’s simply a very pretty fantasy puzzle.



*** COLLAGE ***

Another category where Cobble Hill really excels is collages. They have unique collage puzzles you won’t see anywhere else–bright and colorful and packed with fun details. Here are some of my favorites.

“Tropical Fish”, 1000 pieces

I suppose this is also a wildlife puzzle, but all the different fish patterns remind me more of a collage. Looks fun!

“Red” by Shelley Davies, 1000 pieces

Cobble Hill has several of these Shelley Davies collages out for 2017 in various colors. The one below, obviously, is “Red”. Looks incredibly challenging with so much of one color!

“Archie Covers” 1000 pieces

Another new idea for 2017 was a line of puzzles featuring the “Archie” comics. These look like fun collages to assemble–and talk about nostalgia!

“Preserving Memories” 1000 pieces

This is another of my favorites of the new 2017 selection. The writing looks fun to put together.

“Martinis” 1000 pieces

This might make you thirsty, but it shouldn’t hurt your brain with all these nice, distinctive colors!

“Nancy Drew” and “Hardy Boys”, 1000 pieces each

Two of my favorite collage puzzles from Cobble Hill are these Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys book cover collages. They’re so nostalgic, awesomely retro, and fun to assemble too.




“Chocoholic”, 1000 pieces 

You can never have too much chocolate. This puzzle looks deliciously challenging with all that dark brown and the solid pink background.


“Vintage Art Supplies”, 2000 pieces 

If you like larger puzzles, this is an outstanding one with so much amazing retro detail.



 *** CHRISTMAS ***

I’m a fool for Christmas puzzles and Cobble Hill has some nice entries in the market.

“Santa’s Hobby” by Tom Newsom, 1000 pieces 

Cobble Hill offers quite a few Tom Newsom Santa puzzles, each with a slightly different theme and all showing Santa in everyday circumstances.  They’re available in all sizes. This 1000 piecer is my favorite due to the colors of the background.

51813cob ‘

“Christmas Bake Sale” , 1000 pieces 

What a nice challenge for those long winter nights!

*** DOGS & CATS  ***

This is another popular categories in puzzles that most brands cover. Cobble Hill has given us some unique images not available in other brands.

“Christmas on the Farm” by Greg Giordano, 1000 pieces

This is my favorite of the new 2017 designs. I love the nostalgic farm scene, the snow, the dogs, the hint of Christmas–just everything about it.

“Boucat” by Braldt Bralds, 1000 pieces

Cobble Hill has produced a few Braldt Bralds puzzles but this one is my favorite. I loved assembling this one with all the unique flowers and colored cats.



“Dachshund Round the World”, 500 pieces

This 500 piece puzzle is a fun mix of dog-themed collage (the stickers on the suitcase) and dog puzzle. Very cute. I love the stickers and would love to see a larger puzzle made up of just dog and cat stickers.



“Come Back Soon”, 1000 pieces

This one looks easy and fun to assemble with the large, colorful elements like the blue siding and pink flowers. A touch of humor never hurts.

“Dog Quotes”, 1000 pieces

Another cross-genre puzzle that’s both a dogs & cats puzzle and a collage puzzle is “Dog Quotes”. (There’s also a “Cat Quotes”). The lettering looks particularly interesting to assemble and the quotes are fun.


“Horse Quotes”, 1000 pieces

For 2017 there’s a new “quotes” puzzle featuring horses. Horse fans rejoice!


Cobble Hill has quite a lot of puzzles for kids, from 35 pieces to 60 pieces to 275 and 400 piece family puzzles.

Goosebump Puzzles

There are a number of Goosebumps designs in 180 pieces.

“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, 400 pieces. 

I love this Alice design. Great for families or older kids.

“Santa on a Moonlit Night”, 60 pieces

For young kids, Cobble Hill has a line of 35 and 60 piece puzzles like this charming Santa image.


I hope you enjoyed this updated overview of Cobble Hill puzzles. Be sure to take advantage of the great sale before it ends on April 12th!


You can see all Cobble Hill puzzles at Puzzle Warehouse here. – SPECIAL PROMOTION BUY 2 GET 1 FREE TIL APR 12

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  1. Cobble Hill have some really interesting puzzles and Rosemary’s Birds is my favourite too.

  2. Thanks for the review and update! As a Canadian, it’s nice to see CH making solid products and doing well overall. I love that they support Canadian artist like Robert Bateman as well. The non-standard grid cut gives the puzzle more of a challenge in my opinion and I agree that the linen feel is a great touch. Have you ever done “ghost of the north”? A beautiful puzzle, but it’s definately harder than anything I’ve tried before.

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