New Puzzles: July 2017


July is always a big month for new puzzle announcements! This is the time of the year that we see the big limited edition Christmas puzzles and many companies have mid-year releases in July! I have a lot to talk about this month including new puzzles at Puzzle Warehouse as well as some releases/announcements in Europe that we’ll be getting over here hopefully soon. Scroll down for the new Christmas puzzles for 2017!

For your Edification – A Tip on Saving Shipping Costs:

I used to never order a single puzzle because the shipping cost for just one can be nearly as much as the puzzle itself! Yet I’m not always ready to spend $75 to get free shipping either. That’s why I really enjoy the Puzzle Warehouse’s “Puzzle of the Month” club because it means year-long free shipping. You’ll receive a puzzle each month with Puzzle of the Month club, and when you buy other items at any time, upon checkout you are asked if you’d like to hold that new purchase to ship with your puzzle of the month. Yes! This means I can order a single puzzle and have it sent to me later with my monthly shipment and there’s no shipping fee on it. I also keep a “Wish List” on puzzle warehouse, so when I get my email about my monthly selection, I can easily exchange it for a puzzle I really want. Win/win.

When Puzzles are Out of Stock:

The inventory at Puzzle Warehouse moves quickly, and due to limited warehouse space, only certain amounts of any one titles are brought in at a time. But most of our suppliers replenish rapidly. When a puzzle is out of stock, it’s likely to be back in stock within a week or two. Enter your email address on the out of stock page to be notified when it returns so you can place an order before it’s out again!


JULY 2017

These are my top pics of the new puzzles that are currently available at Puzzle Warehouse.


We have a lot of new JVH (Jan Van Haasteren, a Dutch cartoonist) puzzles in stock right now! Grab them while you can. Click here to see all the new JVH arrivals.

TOP PICK #1: “The Holiday Fair” by JVH Studios, Jumbo, 1000 pieces 

“The Holiday Fair” is new for 2017. Grab it while it’s in stock! Click below to see it on Puzzle Warehouse.

TOP PICK #2: “Museum Masterpieces” Educa, 12000 pieces  

Hurrah for a new huge puzzle from Educa, this one with 12000 pieces!. I love the concept of this one, with the various fine art pieces on a wall. Each individual painting should be quite a few pieces. Do you dare? Click below to see it on Puzzle Warehouse.

TOP PICK #3: “World Travel Guides” by Aimee Stewart, Educa, 1000 pieces  

I love this collage puzzle from Aimee Stewart. Great colors and theme. Click on the images below to see the puzzle at Puzzle Warehouse.

More new puzzles at Puzzle Warehouse this month


As I mentioned above, we got in a nice big shipment of JVH (Jan Van Haasteren) cartoon puzzles from Jumbo! These puzzles are of excellent German quality and I love the busy cartoon images from JVH Studios. Besides the “top pick” above, here are some others you won’t want to miss while we have them in stock!

“The Roller Disco”, 1000 pieces 

“Pop Festival”, 1000 pieces 

“New Year’s Eve Dip”, 2000 pieces 

“The Holiday Fair”, 1000 pieces 

“Lawn Mower Race”, 2000 pieces 

“The Printing Office”, 1500 or 3000 pieces! 

Click here for the 3000 piece unit and here for the 1500 piece.

“White Water Rafting, 1500 pieces

I loved assembling this one! Grab it if you haven’t bought it yet. You can read my review here. Click on the images below to see the puzzles at Puzzle Warehouse.


“Summer Birdhouse” & “Spring Birdhouse”, 1000 pieces 

I love these brilliant new bird puzzles. Click on the images below to see the puzzles at Puzzle Warehouse.

“Sugar Skull Cookies”, 1000 pieces 

Lots of fun colors and patterns make this one a treat to assemble.  Click on the images below to see the puzzles at Puzzle Warehouse.


“Sic Transit Gloria Mundi”, 3000 pieces 

For those who like large piece counts, this puzzle is amazing! Look at all those famous faces and the wonderful sky and vertical columns. Looks so fun to assemble. Click on the images below to see the puzzles at Puzzle Warehouse.


There are some awesome new puzzles from Educa!

“World Landmarks Globe”, 2000 pieces 

If you like map puzzles, which is a stunning one in 2000 pieces! Click on the images below to see the puzzles at Puzzle Warehouse.

“Sylundine”, 1000 pieces 

A nice new fantasy/gothic puzzle. Click on the images below to see the puzzles at Puzzle Warehouse.

“Lighthouse 1” (1000 pieces) and “White Trim” (500 pieces) by Karla Gerard 

The patterns on these puzzles are amazing. Click on the images below to see the puzzles at Puzzle Warehouse.

“Paris Streets” by Dominic Davison, 1500 pieces

Beautiful colors in this one! Click on the images below to see the puzzles at Puzzle Warehouse.

“Life” and “Wildlife”, 3000 pieces each!

These images were originally released as enormous 32000+ piece puzzles! I’m glad to see them released in a smaller piece count (if 3000 is ‘small’) for those of us who don’t have a year to dedicate to the big version. So much detail! Click on the images below to see the puzzles at Puzzle Warehouse.



“Amsterdam with Love”, 1000 pieces

Gorgeous! Click on the images below to see the puzzle at Puzzle Warehouse.


There are lots of exciting new announcements this month, puzzles that we don’t yet have at Puzzle Warehouse but hopefully will get in soon! Let’s take a look….


I’m a collector of the limited edition Christmas puzzles from Ravensburger, Waddingtons, Gibson, and more. You can see my page about these series here. Here are the new ones for 2017! We will hopefully be getting these in stock soon. I love them all! How about you?

GIBSONS: “Wrapped Up For Christmas” by Marcello Corti, 1000 pieces

WASGIJ Christmas #13: “Turkey’s Delight”, 2 x 1000 pieces

Ravensburger Limited Edition Christmas #21: “Which One’s Santa?” by Ray Trower, 1000 pieces

Waddingtons Limited Edition Christmas: “Writing to Santa”, 1000 pieces


Gibson (a UK puzzle maker) releases puzzles mainly in January and July. They have some gorgeous new July releases. We should be getting these by the early fall at Puzzle Warehouse.

“Magic of Christmas” by Trevor Mitchel, 4×500


“Teddy Bears and Tricycles”, 1000 pieces 

“Autumn House” by Steve Crisp, comes in 1000 pieces or 500 XL


Besides the Christmas puzzle (shown above), there are some other great new puzzles from Ravensburger.

“The Country Show” by Trevor Mitchell, 1000 pieces

“The Christmas Library” by Aimee Stewart(?), 1000 pieces

“Gardening World: Winter” by Trevor Mitchesl, 1000 pieces

“Pleasant Pastures”, 2x 500 pieces

“Crazy Laboratory” by Colin Thompson, 2000 pieces


House of Puzzles releases in January and July. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to get House of Puzzles to sell to us in the USA, but here are a few of my top favorites of the new ones.

“Toffee Apples”, 1000 pieces

I love Halloween puzzles, so I was thrilled to see this!

Find the Differences No. 13 – ‘Village Fayre’ by Ray Cresswell,  1000 pieces

“Christmas Limited Edition #12: Christmas Past”, 1000 or 500 pieces

“Four Seasons”, 1000 pieces

“Fruit & Veg” by Ray Cresswell, 1000 or 500 pieces

That’s it for July. I hope you all found something here for your wish list!




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  1. Love the Aimee Stewart puzzles, the Travel Guides is also available from Ravensburger in a 500 piece (it’s waiting in my to do pile at the moment). Where do you get your House of Puzzles from? I’d love to try them. 🙂

    1. They’re difficult to get in the US. You can find them on ebay (from UK sellers) but shipping is very pricey.

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