Masterpieces Promo! The Best Puzzles on Sale Now

The Best of MASTERPIECES AUG 1-15 2017

Puzzle Warehouse has a new sales promotion that will run 8/1 through 815, while supplies last. All Maserpieces puzzles are 25% off. To help you digest 40+ pages of Masterpieces puzzles at Puzzle Warehouse, I’ve pulled my favorites.

You can see all the Masterpieces puzzles on sale here.

Masterpieces has various themed lines. I’ve pulled my favorites lines/artists and show my favorites below. Click on any image below to see the puzzle on Puzzle Warehouse.

Alice in Wonderland by Shu

Japanese artist, Shuichi Mizoguchi (aka Shu), is an incredible fantasy artist. He has a series of Alice in Wonderland images in Masterpieces “Storybook” puzzle line. These come in 1000 or 300 pieces. Below are examples, but click here to see all the Alice/Shu puzzles in stock.

Hometown Heroes & Military Puzzles / Dona Gelsinger

Artist Dona Gelsinger has done a series of military and law enforcement puzzles for Masterpieces with an interesting scrapbooking/object-based perspective. I really like the art style. I reviewed one of these puzzles here.

Aimee Stewart

Masterpiece has published Aimee Stewart images in various lines including Storybooks, Travel, a line called “Once Upon a Shelf” and EZ Grip. Click here to see all Aimee Stewart puzzles.

Norman Rockwell

These 1000 piece puzzles include classic Rockwell images. Click here to see all Norman Rockwell puzzles.

Cottages / Howard Robinson

A pretty cottage series (also published by Ravensburger in Europe), with nice flower, bird and insect textures.

FANTASY / Kinuko Craft

If you like fantasy puzzles as much as I do, you need to check out the Kinuko Craft line from Masterpieces!

“Eleanor of Acquitaine” comes in 2000 pieces!

Railways / Ted Blaylock

I love the cool old-timey Western feel of these paintings. Click here to see all Ted Blaylock puzzles.

“Tornado Alley” has an interesting gothic sensibility.

Catology / Geoff Tristram Series

I love Geoff Tristram’s art, especially the Catology series. There are such wonderful colors and textures, like the crocheted doll below. You can see my interview with Geoff here. There have been a lot of Catology puzzles, and we currently have a number in stock and part of this sale. These puzzles have 1000 pieces.

Americana / Bonnie White

Masterpieces carries a lot of Bonnie White puzzles in various packaging and sizes, from 300 to 2000 pieces. Here are some of my favorites. Click here to see all Bonnie White puzzles.

First, this is a great value set, 12 puzzles from 100 to 500 pieces. Would make a great Christmas gift!

“Fireworks Finale” — 550 pieces

“Grandpa’s Giant Pumpkin”, 2000 pieces

“Seagull’s Delight”, 2000 pieces

Dogs & Cats / Jenny Newland

The “Playful Paws” series has wonderful close-up textures and super cute animals. In 300 pieces. Click here to see all Jenny Newland puzzles.

This new Jennie Newland has 1000 pieces for those who like bigger puzzles (me, me).

This set includes 12 Newland puzzles from 100 to 500 pieces

Americana / Art Poulin

The other big folk art / Americana artist that Masterpieces carries is Art Poulin. Their images have lots of nice colors and textures, especially in their buildings, and they come in various sizes. You can see all the Art Poulin puzzles here.

The Art Poulin value set has 12 puzzles from 100 to 500 pieces. This is a terrific sampler package for the price!

This new cut-away puzzle, “Upstairs, Downstairs”, comes in 1000 pieces and is a new design for Art Poulin. It has a real “Downton Abbey” feel.

“Main Street Carolers” in 1000 pieces

If you like Christmas images, this one by Art Poulin has lots of fun colors and textures.

These are my favorites in the Masterpieces sale, but I’m sure you can find more to love. Click here to see all the puzzles.

These units will go fast, so grab them while they’re in stock!



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  1. Suggestion: consider a change to the text in the subject line of your email announcements, so instead of it looking like this:

    [New post] Masterpieces Promo! The Best Puzzles on Sale Now

    it looks like this:

    [Jigsaw Junkies] Masterpieces Promo! The Best Puzzles on Sale Now

    (or whatever other short name you wish to use to refer to your mail list…)

    The common way to indicate email from a mail list is to put the name of the list in square brackets at the beginning of the subject line. “New post” doesn’t convey any useful information. 🙂

    Kind regards from a jigsaw junkie, Jeff


  2. I’ve just ordered Eleanor of Aquitaine. it looks like an absolutely gorgeous puzzle, especially as it is 2000 pieces, so I’m very excited and awaiting its arriving with great anticipation. I was reluctant to purchase a MasterPieces puzzle as they are low down on your original comparison list but hopefully this will turn out to be a good choice.

    1. I just loved this puzzle! The colours are gorgeous and everything comes to life as the puzzle progresses. The only criticism I have is that some of the pieces have extremely narrow “arms”, which means they could break very easily and require very careful handling. In fact one piece was broken but, because the arm is so narrow, it did not take anything away from the completed puzzle. Having said this, I would still recommend the puzzle as it is such fun to do and such a breathtaking image when completed. I have carefully put it away to bring out another day and I am sure I will have as much fun completing it once more. This is the first time I have purchased from Puzzle Warehouse – I lived in Victoria, British Columbia – and have to say that the service was excellent and the overall cost was reasonable, even with shipping costs added and the exchange rate.

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