New Heye Puzzles 2018!

I’ve been trolling the web for a few weeks looking for the new Heye 2018 puzzles. They are not yet on the Heye official website, but I did find some images on a French store front. These are small images and you can’t see a lot of detail. I’ll update this page with better images when I have them. But at least we can see what’s coming down the pike!

At Puzzle Warehouse, we should have the new Heye puzzles by Jan 20th.


First, the puzzles Heye is best known for, cartoon puzzles. There are some lovely new ones this year.

Göbel/Knorr: “O Sole Mio!” in 2000 pieces

My pick of the best in the new cartoon puzzles. I have been loving the Gobel/Knorr puzzles the past few years. You can read my review of Sherlock & Co (2016) here.

Marino Degano, “Funky Zoo: Monkey Habitat”, 1000 pieces

A wonderful new edition for Funky Zoo fans.

Marino Degano, “Protest”, 2000 pieces

This is a release of a long out-of-print title and certainly topical. I’m happy to see these classics reissued.

Oesterle “Library”, 1500 pieces

Last year, Oesterle did the space ship puzzle, which I reviewed here. Can’t wait to see this new one.

Jean-Jacques Loup, “Busy Day”, 1000 pieces

This may be a reissue, but I don’t have a record of the original. Possibly it’s an previously unpublished work. (Loup passed away in 2015). I’m thrilled to see it either way and I’m looking forward to getting a better look at the details. See my feature on Jean-Jacques Loup.

Schöne  “Octoberfest”, 1500 pieces

So much detail!

Tanck “Party Cats”, 1000 pieces

Rita Berman “Magic Sea”, 1000 pieces

Matthias Adolfsson “Space Ship”, 1500 pieces

Anders Lyon “Fun Park Trip”, 1000 pieces

Calligaro “Picnic”, 1000 pieces

Life! Style! Panoramas: At the Beach (2000 pieces) and New Year’s Eve (1500 pieces)

It’s hard to see if these are actually cartoon or photo collages or what at this size. Should be interesting though.




Victoria Francis, “Redbird”, 1000 pieces

This is my favorite of the new fantasy puzzles. Looks awesome!

Victoria Francis, “Favole: New Black”, 1000 pieces

This is a reissue of a hard to find puzzle.

Dreaming – “Morning Wings” and “Panda Naps”, both 1000 pieces

Rosina Wachtmeister – “Lilies” and “Sleep Well”, both 1000 pieces

What do you think of this year’s new Heyes?


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  1. Jane, sorry if this is the wrong place, but I just ordered Aimee Stewart’s “Life Is An Open Book Venice”, manufactured by Holdson from Been searching for this for some time! Janice, Reading, PA

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