Selling off some of my collection

For those who were interested in buying some of my puzzles — they are all gone now. 🙂

We’re in the process of selling our place and moving, so my blog posts will be a bit sporadic for awhile.  Never fear it is a temporary condition.

I have new reviews for Cobble Hill, Piatnik, and Ravensburger coming up soon….



19 responses to Selling off some of my collection

  1. Teddy Paine says:

    Hi, I thought I had a substantial collection but it does’nt compare to yours.i am particularly interested in puzzles of art work ie Picasso, Renoir, da Vinci & more tecent artists ie. Dali, Kandinsky, Miro etc. I also prefer 1500 or 2000 pieces as they keep me going for a while. Do u have any that would fit the bill? Also, I am in Qld. Australia. I would love to hear from any other Aussie puzzlers.

  2. Jacqui Melrose says:

    Hi Jane Oh no! I suppose the only good thng for me is that I don’t stay near you lol! Mind you I would be willing to pay P & P if you had any I was after (bought some more from PuzzleWarehouse a couple of weeks ago – P & P were good – think they are using a different courier as I didn’t have to pay import duty – all included which is great – or maybe not – no stopping me now!). Hope you are ok? Best wishes. Jacqui

  3. Holly says:

    Hi Jane, I’m in Canada but would pay the postage if the price was good. Do you have a list yet? Looking for certain HEYE and JVH.

    • Jane says:

      Sure. Please email me as I can’t really get into it in comments. Email addy is in the post.

  4. Kate Jordan says:

    Oh my goodness, so many Wasgij!! I love those and would also pay shipping to Virginia to get my hands on some I don’t have!

    • Jane says:

      Sure. Please email me as I can’t really get into it in comments. Email addy is in the post.

  5. Noir says:

    If possible, can you make a list of the puzzles you want to sell?

  6. Laurel says:

    I live in Cleveland Ohio and just attempted to send you message. Do you ship puzzles if I pay for postage and handling. Thanks

  7. Susan says:

    I’m interested in looking at what you have for sale. I live in the Allentown, PA area, & head to Lancaster area frequently. What price range are you asking for your puzzles.?

  8. julie says:

    wow. awesome. just wondering if you have any rosina wachtmeister puzzles that are 2000 pieces. eg wonderland, all together, entrance, katzen? thanks Julie

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