Selling off some of my collection

For those who were interested in buying some of my puzzles — they are all gone now. 🙂

We’re in the process of selling our place and moving, so my blog posts will be a bit sporadic for awhile.  Never fear it is a temporary condition.

I have new reviews for Cobble Hill, Piatnik, and Ravensburger coming up soon….



21 thoughts on “Selling off some of my collection

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  1. Hi, I thought I had a substantial collection but it does’nt compare to yours.i am particularly interested in puzzles of art work ie Picasso, Renoir, da Vinci & more tecent artists ie. Dali, Kandinsky, Miro etc. I also prefer 1500 or 2000 pieces as they keep me going for a while. Do u have any that would fit the bill? Also, I am in Qld. Australia. I would love to hear from any other Aussie puzzlers.

    1. Piles of Pieces on Facebook has aussies (like me) and the Flikr group has a LOT of guys who do fine art, though in both cases, the groups are for 3000 and up, so may not suit. There are groups from both sites though that cater to smaller piece counts

  2. Hi Jane Oh no! I suppose the only good thng for me is that I don’t stay near you lol! Mind you I would be willing to pay P & P if you had any I was after (bought some more from PuzzleWarehouse a couple of weeks ago – P & P were good – think they are using a different courier as I didn’t have to pay import duty – all included which is great – or maybe not – no stopping me now!). Hope you are ok? Best wishes. Jacqui

  3. Hi Jane, I’m in Canada but would pay the postage if the price was good. Do you have a list yet? Looking for certain HEYE and JVH.

  4. I live in Cleveland Ohio and just attempted to send you message. Do you ship puzzles if I pay for postage and handling. Thanks

  5. I’m interested in looking at what you have for sale. I live in the Allentown, PA area, & head to Lancaster area frequently. What price range are you asking for your puzzles.?

  6. wow. awesome. just wondering if you have any rosina wachtmeister puzzles that are 2000 pieces. eg wonderland, all together, entrance, katzen? thanks Julie

  7. Hi I am trying to down size my collection of 11.000 jigsaw puzzles I have gifted hundreds to other puzzles I am down to just over 7.000 . Good luck with your down sizeing .mine took me 50 years to collect

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