UPDATED: Cobble Hill Brand Comparison

Cobble Hill has had some changes and improvements to their boxes and puzzle pieces, and they asked me to reassess them for the brand comparison. Take a look at the new, updated page with a brand new puzzle “Dog Gallery” reviewed.


5 thoughts on “UPDATED: Cobble Hill Brand Comparison

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    1. Yes. The image quality is beautiful but I found the fit to be a little disappointing.

  1. Hey Jane, Just a quick question.. I recently bought a puzzle named “Ragdolls”, by Jack Pine. It is horrible. The pieces fall apart at the slightest touch. the must frustrating puzzle ever. i would never recommend a “Jack Pine” puzzle to anyone. my question is on the box it say Cobble Hill Puzzle Comp as the manufacturer. Are all cobble hill puzzles made this way? i have a few in my library that I haven’t gotten to yet and if they are anything like this I won’t be buying anymore Cobble Hill. Thanks, Donna

    1. I don’t know the puzzle you’re referring to, so I can’t tell you if that quality matches what I reviewed. Look at the photos in this post. Does the piece cut look similar? Also, what year was the puzzle made? As I mention in this post, Cobble Hill recently had a brand upgrade. You could always open the other CH you have and see if they look the same.

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