Guess what’s up to celebrate Spring? There’s a Cobble Hill buy-2-get-1-free sale on Puzzle Warehouse!

We’ve got lots of new images in stock, including some I have not yet featured on this blog. For example, check out the 2000 piece “The Four Seasons” below.

Just put at least 2 Cobble Hill puzzles in your cart and you’ll see the free options on the cart page.

Shop the Cobble Hill sale here.


3 responses to

  1. Sharon says:

    Are Cobble Hill puzzle pieces irregularly shaped or more shaped like Ravensburger or Buffalo Games?

  2. hand2mouse says:

    I am loving your site. Please keep up the good work!

    If you ever want to do a post about Robert Martin, let me know, because I think I have all of his puzzles. He did great, highly detailed cartoon puzzles in the 1970s for Springbok. The most famous is probably Verticalville. I love them because the people are not drawn with distorted faces, and they lack the rather satirical edge of many Heye puzzles.

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