Hart Puzzles: Banksy Graffiti Review

For my Puzzle of the Month pick, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and do a collage puzzle. And not even a colorful one, but one that is mostly black and white. Let me introduce you to Banksy Graffiti from Hart Puzzles. This (sold out) 1000-piece puzzle measures 24”x 30” when completed and was designed by Stephen M. Smith.

Banksy Graffiti | Hart Puzzles | 1000 pieces
Banksy Graffiti | Hart Puzzles | 1000 pieces

Created and manufactured in Tipton, Indiana, Hart Puzzles is a brand that truly has a big heart. On their box, they include information about their mission: to preserve our National Parks, support the arts, education, medical research, animal shelters, and veterans.

Banksy Graffiti | Hart Puzzles | 1000 pieces - puzzle box
Banksy Graffiti | Hart Puzzles | 1000 pieces

What drew me to choose this puzzle, amongst the hundreds available at Puzzle Warehouse, was the art. I am a huge fan of Banksy. I love the mystery around his art. The ambiguity of his identity has drawn this group of followers. Who is Banksy? Will he ever reveal himself?

For those not familiar with the England-based street artist, Banksy is an anonymous artist whose works are political and social commentary displayed on publicly visible surfaces such as walls, streets, and bridges. You can learn more about him in the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop.

Banksy Graffiti | Hart Puzzles | 1000 pieces - close up of girl
Banksy Graffiti | Hart Puzzles | 1000 pieces

Let’s get back to the puzzle! As usual, I sorted my pieces by color. The scheme on this puzzle is fairly monochromatic with large sections of shades of white. To help me organize the pieces, I looked at the textures on the white. There are variations in hue as well. Nonetheless, this puzzle proved to be a challenge – leaving me with large gaps where white pieces belong when I paused my progress for the day.

Banksy Graffiti | Hart Puzzles | 1000 pieces - puzzle progress picture
Banksy Graffiti | Hart Puzzles | 1000 pieces

Up until this point, I was assembling quickly even commenting that I was surprised how easy this puzzle was coming together. With a little patience, and a lot of examination, I finished the puzzle.

Banksy Graffiti | Hart Puzzles | 1000 pieces - completed puzzle angled picture
Banksy Graffiti | Hart Puzzles | 1000 pieces

The details on it are fantastic and there is a good representation of Banksy’s work.

However (nerd alert), I am almost positive that the Beatles graffiti was created by Mr. Brainwash, Banksy’s protégé. I am a HUGE Beatles fan though so I was excited this was included.

Mr. Brainwash Beatles
Banksy Graffiti | Hart Puzzles | 1000 pieces

The pieces in Hart Puzzles are oversized, as you can see in this comparison picture.

Puzzle piece comparison Buffalo, Hart, and Ravensburger
Puzzle Piece Comparison

There is a good variety of shapes. I had no problems determining where to place a piece, despite the areas where there was little variety in color. All the pieces are uniquely shaped.

Hart Puzzle pieces
Hart Puzzle piece shapes

The pieces are also a sturdy 1.9 mm thick – between the thickness of Buffalo and Ravensburger.

Hart Puzzle piece 1.9 mm thick
Hart Puzzle piece 1.9 mm thick
Puzzle stack - piece comparison
Puzzle stack – piece comparison

There is not a poster included with the puzzle, but the image on the box is large and clear enough to serve as a reference. The only (very minor) negative to the puzzle is there was more than an average amount of puzzle dust.

Be sure to check out my time lapse to see the approach I took when completing this puzzle.

This particular puzzle is out of stock, however, there are other Hart Puzzles available including these 1000-piece collage puzzles.

World's Airport Luggage Tags
World’s Airport Luggage Tags | Hart Puzzles | 1000 pieces
Tennessee | Hart Puzzles | 1000 pieces
Zelsa Wisdom - hole foods
Zelda Wisdom – hole foods | Hart Puzzles | 1000 pieces

Happy puzzling!

Diane aka Bizzle’s Puzzles

5 thoughts on “Hart Puzzles: Banksy Graffiti Review

Add yours

  1. Some of the pictures are really nice, but I get a negative feeling when I look at the box design.. is it only me?

    Like it is sterile and unwelcoming, somehow?

    1. I think that is one of the beautiful things about puzzles and the variety that there is. Not every design appeals to everyone.

      If you are talking about the actual box the puzzle came in, to me, the logo and colors remind me of some toys I had growing up (Pounds Puppies).

      I didn’t find the collage sterile but this particular design is fairly monochromatic so I can definitely see having that sort of reaction.

  2. Thanks for posting about this puzzle. I just went to Hart Puzzle’s website and I was able to buy the Banksy Puzzle that your reviewed. Perhaps the puzzle was so popular that they made another batch of them.

    1. Puzzles are definitely super popular and tend to sell put pretty quickly! I hope you enjoy the puzzle as much as I did.

  3. Just started this one! A bit frustrated that part of the edge is covered up on the box top, would definitely benefit from a poster to determine the various brick wall patterns and colors. My past two puzzles have had missing pieces, I have 4 cats and a dog. Cats bat pieces off the table, dog eats them. My remedy is an Amazing puzzle mat I got on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01D51CGAW/ref=pe_1098610_137716200_cm_rv_eml_rv0_dp
    For me, it’s well worth the $$

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