This site is run by Jane, a lifelong jigsaw puzzle fan who lives on the east coast of the United States.  This site not affiliated with any puzzle manufacturer or seller.  We discuss all brands and puzzles.  We receive no recompense for reviews or links.

This site was created because it was difficult to find nicely-presented information about jigsaw puzzles on the Internet that wasn’t linked to a specific manufacturer or line.  Our aim is to provide a broad overview of the best jigsaw puzzles on the market, review them, and hopefully get people interested in doing more jigsaws.

In an age when 90% of what we do is on a computer or TV screen, jigsaw puzzles are a wonderful tactile way to relax, zen out, exercise your brain and hand-eye coordination, and experience something tactile and real.  It’s a way to interact with a piece of art for longer than ten seconds. It’s also a very pleasant way for two or more people to sit together over an activity, away from cell phones and tablets.

In sum: we’re here to spread the jigsaw puzzle love!

If you’d like to contact us about reviewing your puzzle brand, please contact us here or at the email below:

Jane @ Jigsaw Junkie


Twitter:  @JigsawJunkieBL

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