Happy Halloween!

  HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Puzzle Warehouse is offering 13% off all puzzles for your Halloween treat this year.  Just enter code SCREAM13.  You can browse the Halloween themed puzzles here. Here are a few of my favorites that are in stock right now along with my reviews so you can see the details: FRIENDS ON HALLOWEEN by Douglas Laird, 1000 pieces. Read my review here.   (Click on the image below to see the puzzle on the Puzzle Warehouse site) Trick orRead more

Review: Halloween Barn Dance by Randy Wollenmann, Vermont Christmas Company 9.25/10

Publisher: Vermont Christmas Company (US), published 2017 Title:  “Halloween Barn Dance” by Randy Wollenmann, 1000 pieces Finished size: 30″ x 24″ OUR RATING: 9.25/10 Last week I posted my “Top 13 for Halloween list”. At the top of my list was this puzzle, “Halloween Barn Dance”. I’m a fan of Randy Wollenman’s hand-painted holiday scenes, especially his Halloween and Christmas images. Last year I reviewed “Halloween Town” and loved it and this year “Halloween Barn Dance” is a brand new image inRead more

Review: “Halloween Town” by Randy Wollenmann, Vermont Christmas Company – 9.25/10

I loved assembling this Halloween puzzle! The image by Randy Wollenmann has bright colors and patterns that make assembly easy, quick, and super fun. It was so much fun I completed the puzzle in one session because I just had to do the “next little bit”. The Vermont Christmas Company quality is good with hard, solid pieces. The cut is mostly a grid cut, but not all edges line up and some sides have wavy and diagonal edges. This gave the puzzle a unique personality, and I enjoyed working it. This puzzle is easy enough that it makes an ideal family puzzle. It’s the best of the 2016 Halloween season!Read more

Review: “Trick or Treat Hotel” by Charles Wysocki, Buffalo Games – 9.25/10

I love this 500 piece Halloween puzzle from Charles Wysocki and Buffalo Games. The artwork has a wry, adult tone reminiscent of Edward Gorey. The scene is populated by strange creatures, pumpkins, cobwebs, and tongue-in-cheek signs like “Rooms to Ferment” and the “Pithias Bloodlust Wrinkledeath” motto on the hearse. The puzzle is mostly easy but the forest behind the mansion has a random pattern which offers a little more challenge and makes the puzzle overall more satisfying to complete. The Buffalo Games quality is quite good. The pieces feel thick and are pleasant to work with. It comes with a poster in the box so you have a larger image to work with. There is some glare off the glossy surface under strong overhead lights. This puzzle is a real treat. Highly recommended!Read more

Review: “Castle of Horror” by Jean-Jacques Loup, Heye, 9.75/10

“Castle of Horror” is an absolute masterpiece of a puzzle. The art by Jean-Jacques Loup is outstanding. Dozens of scary movie tropes are included in this image in a humorous way, from Frankenstein to ghosts, witches, and vampires. This is a moderately difficult puzzle, mostly due to its size, so prepare to buckle in and enjoy a long puzzling experience. There are dozens of funny scenarios going on around the puzzle, which you’ll discover as you assemble it. The Heye quality is good with a gorgeous triangular box, large poster, thick and sturdy pieces, and excellent image reproduction. This is a grid-cut puzzle with a good variety of piece shapes. This puzzle was originally produced in 2003 and was out of print for a number of years. Don’t miss a chance to get this classic while it’s back in print. Highly recommended!Read more

Review: “Halloween” by Tony Ryan, Falcon – 8.5/10

    Publisher: Falcon (Netherlands/UK), published 2014 Title:  “Halloween” by artist Tony Ryan, 1000 pieces  OUR RATING: 8.5 For Halloween this year, I did the “Halloween” puzzle by Tony Ryan that came out last year. I love Halloween puzzles in general, and I’m always happy to find a new one to add to my stash since there aren’t many with this theme. Box Quality: (8/10) Falcon boxes are sturdy and attractive in that Germany board game way. The back of the box isRead more

Feature: Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles

I love holiday puzzles, and next to Christmas, my favorite season is Halloween.  While there is a veritable cornucopia of Christmas puzzles, the Halloween offerings are much more bare bones–pun intended. Here are some of the best Halloween puzzles on the market. NEW RELEASES FOR 2014: Falcon: “Halloween” by Tony Ryan (1000 pieces) A lovely English village scene with trick-or-treaters. The colors are nice and not overly dark. Now out in the UK and US should follow soon.    Read more

Review: “Friends on Halloween” by Sunsout – 8/10

Publisher: Sunsout (US), Released ?? (There’s no date on the box, but I think it was 2013.) Title:  “Friends on Halloween” by artist Doug Laird, 1000 pieces OUR RATING: 8/10 It’s October, the month for Halloween puzzles! I plan to post a round-up of Halloween puzzles a bit later, but for now here’s a review of one of them I can recommend. Box Quality: As usual with Sunsout, the box itself is less than exciting. It’s overly large (12.5″ x 12.5″), aRead more

Review: “Zombie Mayhem” by Bits and Pieces

    The newly-released shaped puzzle from Bits and Pieces is a ton of fun. It’s hard to find good Halloween puzzles, and this one is superb. The zombie theme is cute, there’s lots of funny detail in the image, and the unusual shaped border makes it an interesting challenge to assemble. We did the 750 piece version of this puzzle. The ‘monster’ starts to take shape: The thick pieces, bright colors, and unusual piece shapes makes the puzzle a pleasureRead more