Puzzles Wanted page

I’ve updated my “Puzzles Wanted” page.  Feel free to add to the comments section puzzles you are looking for too. Maybe someone out there can help us out! The link has permanently been added to the right (under ‘On the Jigboard’) so you can check the page easily. Below is one of the out-of-print puzzles I’m looking for. JJ  Read more

How to Assemble a Jigsaw Puzzle

I have gotten some emails asking me to share tips for assembling puzzles and/or my method. If you’re new to puzzling, returning to it after a long time, or just want to see how someone else does it, check out this walk-through.  In the end, no method is right or wrong as long as you get from Point A (bag of puzzle pieces) to Point B (completed puzzle). However, this is my standard operating procedure. If you have other tips/methods, pleaseRead more

How To: Assembling and Framing Multiple Puzzles Together

I know there are probably other puzzlers like me out there who have a bit of prejudice against any puzzle under 1000 pieces. I will occasionally get a 500 piece puzzle if I adore the image, but the thing is, a 500 piecer usually is done in the span of one evening, and it hardly seems worth the effort, especially if it’s a puzzle that has to be shipped from overseas. Plus, the resultant finished puzzle is small and not particularlyRead more


After Step One and Step Two, we now have a puzzle that has adhesive contact paper applied to the back, and that contact paper is then mounted/glued to a foamcore board. This mounted puzzle looks and feels fairly sturdy, but remember that since the puzzle is only held in place by the adhesive on the contact paper, and it can be peeled away without leaving glue on the puzzle pieces, the ‘set’ is not going to survive any major (or minor) kerfuffle.Read more


See Step One of this process here. In Step One we put adhesive contact paper on the back of our puzzle. This allows the puzzle to hold together–mostly. But it’s still floppy and fragile. So in this step, we’ll mount that contact-paper-backed-puzzle to a foamcore board. You can get 1/4″ foamcore board at most craft and art supply places, or you can order on Amazon here. In this case, my 1000 piece Gibsons puzzle is 19″ x 29.5″, so I’mRead more

How To: Temporary Mounting for Puzzles – Step 1 Contact Paper

What is ‘temporary mounting’? It’s mounting a puzzle in such a way that you can display it or just keep it assembled for your edification, but you can also undo it all and still have the puzzle to work sometime down the road if you choose. It should be obvious by now that I do a lot of jigsaws and have for many years. For years and years, I would finish a puzzle, look at it for a few minutes,Read more

Our recommended puzzle accessories

“The right tool for the right job.”  Do you have what you need to make your jigsaw puzzling experience as fun and easy as it can be?  To keep from losing pieces?  To provide maximum flexibility whether it takes you 3 months to finish a puzzle or 3 days?  Do you resist starting a puzzle out of concern about hogging up the table space indefinitely? Check out our new page on our favorite jigsaw puzzle accessories. JJRead more