Puzzle Artist Interview: Francois Ruyer

RUYER WEEK: This week I’m featuring cartoon puzzle artist Francois Ruyer. He has done puzzles with a few brands, but primarily with Austrian manufacturer Piatnik. I reviewed two Ruyer puzzles this week (Christmas Chaos and Story of Wine) and here’s the promised interview. View all current Ruyer puzzles in stock at Puzzle Warehouse See my previous Ruyer reviews here. FRANCOIS RUYER INTERVIEW: Thank you so much for agreeing to an interview, M. Ruyer, and giving us an opportunity to learn more about the man behind the puzzles! JJ:Read more

Puzzle Artist Interview: Aimee Stewart

AIMEE STEWART WEEK: This week here on Jigsaw Junkies, we’re featuring puzzle artist Aimee Stewart.  This week I reviewed two of her puzzles (“Butterfly Menagerie” and “Treasure Hunt Bookshelf“). Today we have an exclusive interview!  At the end of the interview is a gallery of all the Aimee Stewart puzzles I could find. See all Aimee Stewart puzzles at Puzzle Warehouse here. AIMEE STEWART INTERVIEW: Welcome, Aimee! Thank you for visiting with us here at Jigsaw Junkies. JJ: Where are you located in theRead more

Puzzle Maker Interview: White Mountain Puzzles

Above: Colin Wroblewski (left) and Sean Minton (right) of White Mountain Puzzles WHITE MOUNTAIN WEEK: This week on the blog we’re featuring White Mountain puzzles.  There’s a terrific sale on White Mountain at Puzzle Warehouse all month (30% off!).  We featured two White Mountain reviews this week (“Tapestry Cat” and “Perennials“). I was also fortunate to get a chance to interview one of the owners of White Mountain Puzzles, Sean Minton. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE SALE AT PUZZLE WAREHOUSE     First,Read more

Artist Interview: Mike Jupp

Mike Jupp is a British artist who creates fantastic humorous “busy” cartoon puzzles for Gibsons. His images are full of meticulous detail and crazy characters.  See all Mike Jupp puzzles on Puzzle Warehouse here. My reviews of Mike Jupp puzzles here. Hi, Mike! It’s a privilege to have you as a guest on our puzzle blog. I personally am a huge fan of your cartoon puzzles. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions. JJ: First, please introduce yourself and tell usRead more

Artist Interview: Steve Crisp

Steve Crisp is a British artist who creates rural country scenes, British nostalgia, jungle wildlife, and other lovely images that have been made into jigsaw puzzles. He’s published by many brands including Sunsout, Gibsons, Falcon, and White Mountain. See all Steve Crisp puzzles on Puzzle Warehouse here. Those who have followed my blog for awhile know that I’m a fan of Steve Crisp puzzles. So I’m honored to have him agree to an interview with Jigsaw Junkies!  First, thank you, Steve, for taking the time to answerRead more

Artist Interview: Susan Brabeau

Susan Brabeau is an American artist who creates quirky Americana nostalgia paintings loaded with humor. Many of her images have been made into jigsaw puzzles from manufacturers like Sunsout, Gibsons, Ravensburger, and Holdson. First, thank you so much, Susan, for doing a virtual visit with Jigsaw Junkies. It’s a treat to be able to learn more about you. Now on to the interview. JJ: I saw on your bio on your website that you have a background in singing and performing. CanRead more

Puzzle Maker Interview: Rob Derks

I so happy to have Rob Derks visit us at Jigsaw Junkie. Thank you, Rob, for agreeing to an interview! Rob is a cartoonist who works for Jumbo puzzles. He both works in Jan Van Haasteren’s studio doing JVH puzzles, and he has his own series from Jumbo called “Pieces of History”. NOTE: A lot of the images in this article were taken from Rob’s lovely facebook page. You can follow him here. JJ: Please introduce yourself and tell usRead more

Puzzle Maker Interviews: Geoff Tristram

I’m thrilled to have Geoff Tristram on Jigsaw Junkie today! Geoff is an artist and cartoonist who does a few of my favorite puzzle series. He’s the artist behind Ravensburger’s “Best of British” series, their “What If?” series, and “Cat-ology”, published by Masterpieces. I’ll be sharing images of his work throughout this interview. JJ: Please introduce yourself and tell us where you are from and where you live now. GT:  My name is Geoff Tristram. I’m a professional artist andRead more

Puzzle Maker Interview: Anniversary Article on Jan Van Haasteren

Jumbo kindly sent me a translation of this article commemorating Jan Van Haasteren’s 30th anniversary of making puzzles.  It appeared in De Telegraaf, a Dutch newspaper, on October 26, 2014. Here’s a translation with my own images of Jan’s work added. Illustrating puzzles is also art A Canadian moved to a new house because his bathroom was not big enough for all his framed Jan van Haasteren puzzles. Two ladies invited the artist to their home to show him their private collection. WhenRead more

Puzzle Maker Interview: Kate Armitage, Gibsons Puzzles (UK)

I’m very excited to continue our “Puzzle Maker Interviews” with Kate Armitage who works for one of my favorite puzzle brands, Gibsons of the UK. I hope my readers enjoy learning more about puzzle companies as much as I do. Above: Kate Armitage of Gibsons Puzzles JJ:  Hello! Can you please introduce yourself? I’m Kate Armitage, Director of Marketing at Gibsons. My great grandfather Harry Percy founded our company in 1919. JJ:  In what way are you involved in theRead more

Puzzle Maker Interview: Audray McNaught, House of Puzzles

Interview with Audray McNaught, puzzle designer for House of Puzzles Please welcome our guest, Audray from the Scottish puzzle maker House of Puzzles Ltd! I thought it would be interesting to learn more about how puzzles are made, and Audray has graciously agreed to be interviewed by Jigsaw Junkie. JJ:  Hello, Audray! First of all, can you introduce yourself? AM:  My name is Audray McNaught and I do all of the design work for The House of Puzzles Ltd. JJ:  IRead more