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  1. Hi, My favorite puzzle brand is Pomegranate. The pieces are thick, fit together well and the colors are vibrant. I think it would be worth your while to add this brand to your list of great puzzle makers.

  2. Hi, there puzzle-lover!
    Do you know Castorland puzzles from Poland? They’re my favourite, maybe you could check them out as well!

    1. Hi, Elise! I do have one Castorland puzzle I want to review and use for my brand comparison. So hopefully I will get to that soon. What puzzles of theirs do you like the most?

    1. Hello! I am working on an Educa puzzle now. The quality is good–nice box and thick pieces. It’s a grid-cut puzzle like Ravensburger. The puzzle I’m working on is quite difficult, though, because Educa pieces can look like they fit where they don’t, so if you have a big area of the same color (as this puzzle does), it’s challenging. So yes, I recommend them. If you don’t want a very difficult puzzle, go for an image that has plenty of color and pattern. I plan to add Educa to our brand comparison soon.

    2. Thank you so much for your prompt response. Really appreciate!
      I used to hear the same thing that Educa pieces fit where they don’t belong to; however, don’t fit the places where they should. I’ve just worked on Japanese ones before (Epoch, Yanoman…), these puzzles are in quite good quality. If so, I will buy an Educa one. Thanks a lot for your recommendation.
      Ah, I’ve looked forward to Educa review since I found your page last month, so hope to get it soon 🙂

    3. In my experience so far, Educa pieces do fit fine where they actually go. It’s just that, like Gibson, they can also seem to fit where they do not at times when the color is very close.

      I hope to cover some Japanese puzzles soon. What brands do you like? Have you ever tried Puzzle Life? I see their fantasy puzzles on ebay for a good price, but I am not sure if the quality is one I would like.

    4. There’re a lot of Japanese Brands like Apollo, Appleone, Artbox, Beverly, Epoch, Road, Tenyo, Yanoman… Most of Japanesse Puzzles that I have are Epoch, some Appleone & Yanoman. I have a lot of Epoch because I like their pictures most. The Appleone always has an apple-shaped piece – logo of brand. All Japanese ones have a good quality. The pictures are well-reproduced. Do you know Purrfect (Netherlands)? I haven’t worked on any Purrfect but my friend did and she said this jigsaw can compare with Japanese one.

      I have never tried a Puzzle Life. Would you mind sharing me the link? Thanks

    5. Sure. Here’s one on ebay from S Korea. This brand has images similar to Epoch, AppleOne, etc but they are cheaper for us here in the US. Likely the quality is not as good:

      I have a Purrfect Puzzle but haven’t done it yet. So many brands, so little time! LOL. I put up an Educa review this morning and will put up the brand comparison in the next day or 2.


    6. Ahh, I saw some puzzles of this brand on Amazon.com.jp. Yep, I found the same picture with Appleone. This is a glow-in-the-dark puzzle and the price is much higher than the one in your link.

      I’ve read the Educa review, it seems this puzzle is quite challenging for me 🙂

      Have you ever tried a Celementoni?

    7. I will be putting up the Educa brand comparison tomorrow–I just need to take one more photo. 🙂

      I have not done a Clemontini yet, but I did buy one and it is sitting on my shelf waiting for me to get to it. The box is quite nice. I’m looking forward to trying an Epoch now that you have told me more about it.

  3. Came across your site and I want to thank you for your recommendations. Got Mike Jupp’s I love Christmas and Ravensburger What If Santa Rudolph. Sad that your cannot find these in the states but got on Amazone and shipped from Great Britain very quickly. Already did the What If puzzle and loved it. It seems the European puzzles have much better color reproduction than American puzzles but the cut is not as imaginative.

    1. Hi, Steve! Thanks for de-lurking. 🙂 Yes, it’s absolutely true. Euro and British puzzles tend to be cut on a grid (oh those stoic Germans and Brits!) whereas American puzzles are cut more freeform, probably due to the early influene of Springbok. However, the Euro and British puzzles have such lovely boxes and images, and nice, thick quality. I also find myself much preferring the puzzles Ravensburger releases in the UK vs the ones they release in the US.

      Glad to hear you enjoyed the “What If Santa/Rudolph”. You should love the Mike Jupp one, too. Let me know what you think. When you do order from Amazon UK for shipping to the states, chose the vendor Buy For Less if they carry the puzzle. They only charge 4 pounds shipping per PACKAGE, so I often buy 10 or so from them at a time. It’s the cheapest shipping anywhere.

  4. Thank you for this wonderful site and the thoughtful reviews. It is so useful for anyone who is a puzzle enthusiast. I am a newbie, favoring Springbok because I fear lesser quality puzzles. Question: what about Laurel Ink. I didn’t see it reviewed in the comparison and the subject are so much better than Springbok. Thanks again for this site.

    1. Hi, Lois! Thanks for commenting and I’m glad you like the site. I’ve never heard of Laurel Ink puzzles, and google search didn’t find much. Can you supply a link to an example?
      Cheers, JJ

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