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  1. Hi Jane:
    I noticed that a lot of your puzzles are unopened. Do you buy more than one copy of each puzzle and store one and assemble the other? Do you ever sell your puzzles? I probably have around 1,000 puzzles and I am running out of room to store everything. I’m always adding to the collection, and now I’m faced with having to sell some of the puzzles I own just to make room for new ones. What a dilemma!

    1. A lot of my shrink wrapped puzzles I simply haven’t assembled yet — I buy more than I can do! But also, for a time I was taking puzzles apart and reshrinkwrapping the box with a home shrink wrapper to make sure I never lost a piece. These days though, I tend to do a temporary mounting on foamcore (see my How To) and then I don’t reshrinkwrap the boxes.

      Storage is a problem. I’m always running out of room and having to find another spot in the house to put a shelf!

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