Puzzle Accessories

Here are some tools I can heartily recommend to any jigsaw puzzler.

Puzzle Boards by Jigthings

Some people may not do jigsaws often because they worry that once they’re set up, what if they don’t want to work on them for awhile? What if guests come over and they need the table?  What if the cat gets into it and pieces are lost? Starting a 1000 piece puzzle can feel like a big commitment.

I’ve used different things over the years to address this.  I have a 4000 piece Roll-O-Puzz that I have in case I decide to tackle one of my huge Heyes.  I’ve had a wooden puzzle case and a plastic one.  I’ve tried posterboard. The best thing I’ve found, though, are the Puzzle Boards from Jigthings.




A Puzzle Board is very lightweight, so you can easily pick it up and move it around the house if you need the table (just keep it held flat so the pieces don’t slide).  It has a lightly sueded gray texture on top so that pieces are gripped a little bit, but still can be slid around.  All around the edge of the board there’s a lip so that loose pieces are less able to fall off.  It comes with a sheet of the material with black plastic on one side and the sueded gray on the other, that you can place over the board when you’re not using it to keep out the dust and cats.


This is a light, easy, functional solution that works the best of any I’ve found. Honestly, I have a more expensive puzzle case that zips up, but that’s not necessary unless you really plan to travel with a puzzle. I own a Puzzle Board in 1500 and 2000 piece size and they’re what I use daily.

If you get one, consider going up a size from your normal puzzle range, so that you have extra space on the sides to put loose pieces.  The Puzzle Board 1000, for example, accomodates a 1000 piece puzzle without much border left around the edges, but the Puzzle Board 1500 has room for the 1000 piece puzzle and space around it for loose pieces, as shown in the image above with the cottage puzzle (that is a 1000 piece Ravensburger puzzle on a Puzzle Board 1500).

Here’s the website about them for more info/pictures or to  order.


Puzzle Safe by Jigthings

I only recently got this, and I’m already in love with it!


I previous have used Ravensburger’s blue little ‘puzz sort’ trays, but they are small enough that you can’t really put pieces face up in them — they’re only good for a preliminary sorting. And when you take pieces out of the trays, you have to dump the trays upside down or pick up each piece individually.

I decided to try the Puzzle Safe for two reasons–one, it will hold all the pieces in a 1000 piece puzzle turned face up. Secondly, the boxes come with an insert so that when you’re ready to transfer the pieces to your puzzle table, you can just lift up the insert and slide the pieces right onto your table and keep them face up and oganized. It’s nice to only have to turn pieces face up one time!

For a long time, my standard MO was to separate out just the edge pieces, do the edge, and then keep the rest of the pieces in a jumble in the box and just sort through by hand and pick out pieces with the color/pattern I was working on next.  I’ve found, though, that it’s not that much more work to layout the pieces face up at the start, separating them into the boxes based on broad color groups or textures.  After that, it’s painless to move through the entire puzzle without any more digging around or turning pieces over — EVER!

So!  This Puzzle Safe is very much recommended. I also like the fact that it stacks neatly and has a lid, so when I’m done with a puzzle for the night, I can quickly pack up the loose pieces to make sure none get lost or stolen by precocious pets.

Checkout their website for more photo and buying info.

NOTE:  I’ve pimped two Jigthings products here, because they’re the best.  I don’t work for Jigthings nor do I get any commission.  They’re a company made by long time jigsaw fans and they really know what works!




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  1. The Jigthings are similar to the products Gibsons sold years ago.
    Boards and sorting boxes are very good

  2. I have the board that accommodates up to 1,500 piece puzzles and I love it. I am hesitant to buy the larger one for 2,000 piece puzzles because Ravensburger 2000 piece puzzles are slightly larger than the dimensions of the board. Any idea where I can get a similar quality board for Ravensburger dimensions?

    1. I believe the 2000 piece JigBoard is the biggest one there is. I know if fits some of my Ravensburger 2000 piece puzzles, so you might check the dimensions again. But of course if it is a panorama or something it won’t fit.

  3. I have a board that is very similar to the Jigthings Puzzle Board. It is a bit heavy, has a carrying case (like an artist’s portfolio), and instead of one sheet to cover it, it has 4 suede trays with lids that slide on, that fit in the tray and fold the pieces in place. I LOVE it but I don’t think it is made anymore. You can work individual scenes or bits on each of the trays, then they slide right off onto the board. Or, if you need to move something around (I like to work without a box to refer to, so I end up moving things around quite a bit) you can slide a completed bit on without too much trouble. I think mine is a 1500 piece, depending on brand.

    I’ve thought about making my own for larger puzzles out of foam core. What I have actually done for puzzles that are too large is put the oversize edges over the worked puzzle after they’ve been worked on the smaller trays.

    1. Do you remember the brand or is it on the carry case? I had something similar at one point but since I don’t travel with my puzzles the jigboard suits me at the moment. Good idea to do a larger puzzle on two boards. I have some 3000 and 4000 piecers that are waiting for me to figure something out! I did an 8000 piece Heye once. It came in 2 bags I think, so I did 4000 pieces at a time on my dining room table and then had to join them together on the floor.

    2. I found the link!!!! It is the Jigsort. The main thing is it is too small to do much over 1000 pcs.

    3. I will say, the carry tote is kind of not exactly great. You need to somehow secure it all together more tightly than it really allows. I tried that a couple times and haven’t gone back to trying it again. I don’t use the overlay piece – I just set the 4 trays down over the board. They fit nicely and wouldn’t keep a really dedicated piece stealer out but they do ok with my opportunistic piece stealers. The 4 individual sort boards are great – especially if you have 4 cats who want to steal your pieces overnight.

  4. I have a 2000 piece panorama ravensburg puzzle that i need help finding a board big enough to work on with. Any suggestions?

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